Is the climbling bugged now?

I have 2 issues with climbing that i never had before:

  1. When trying to climb over the edge of something, even small things like tower parts, my character starts jumping in the air, refusing to climb futher. It’s especially annoying when you search for relics in unnamed city, since you have to climb a lot of towers that are filled with glitchy spots like that (sometimes you aren’t able to climp up unless you lucky to glitch trough).
    This jumping didn’t existed several months ago.

  2. When climbing, character starts falling at random spots, even if it’s a perfectly flat wall. Happens in 1\3 of total climbs, that’s pretty often.

What happened with the climbing?

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Hello @ElvenNeko, thank you for getting in touch!

Our team is aware of the issues with climbing and is looking into them, apologies for the inconvenience.

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