Quest: The Cost of Magic

Is there a way to by pass this quest? The jumping on Tier 4/6 is impossible for me to get. There’s always one platform the jump just doesn’t register from the keyboard and my character just walks off the platform. Can’t progress the game’s story otherwise.

Cost of Magic is not required to progress the main story.

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Thanks for the reply. It looks like I just had to talk to the quest giver rather than complete her quests. Never even gave that a thought.

For the low low price of YOUR SOUL*, can do this quest for you. All you need to do is loiter suspicously near cliffs of Mario.

*Offer not valid in some areas, void where prohibited see faction handler for details.

kicks forums a few times after giving up trying to figure out how to write fine print really small.

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It helps to always get back to the backrim of a platform before jumping. The game is bad when it comes to jumping of from the frontrim of something without at least a short period of moving forward. (If you got all lore you should have felt that with one particular dragon lore)
How to get the achievement: No clue…it’s the last unseen I miss since probably 1000+ hours…

Abusing header 6 kind of works.

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You can use subtext <sub></sub> or supertext <sup></sup>, if you don’t mind the text being a bit offset.

Or, you may use dark magick arts, combine the two, and trick the forum into doing something along the lines that you want and this info will only cost you your first duplicate agent dossier

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Or is there?

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Hey, cool, I didn’t realize those worked. Let me try…

Add a header 6 markdown for extra tiny (but bold)!

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Technically no, because that’s not strictly speaking Markdown :wink:

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Back to the topic at hand. When I did the achievement in TSW for this mission, i rebound the jump key to be on my mouse thumb button. It reallt helped when doing it fast and should help with doing it at all.

My one tip. Don’t stop to long and think and aim. Just… get into the rhythm.

True, but Discourse accepts some BBCode and HTML too :slight_smile:

Link to markdown formatting here: Welcome to the Funcom Community Forums! - #3 by AndyB but it’s that’s only Markdown.

Already sold my first duplicate (Thomas Grady) so no dice.

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It’s the first Cost of Magic post on the new forums (I think)! :smiley: *pops some champagne, cries to herself because she still has to complete it in SWL sometime*


Argh! i just managed to forget about that achievment - almost…

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Hm ok… (9 chars)

The most important thing to keep in mind about platforming in this game is that faster sprint speeds do not increase your jumping distance. Almost every single jump is easier with Sprint 1, because faster sprints only make it harder to time the jump.

I suggest you give it another go with Sprint 1.

You sure about it? I always felt like I am 1-2 steps further when I jump with higher sprintspeed, like consistently.

Higher Sprint speed DOES make you jump further. What is valuable to keep in mind is that most jumping puzzles were designed for sprint 2-3. Running a higher sprint makes it more likely that you will overjump/the game thinking you overjumped.