PvP noskill and boring

Hello, maybe this message will be useless like always, but i want to ask u if u can do ur best for try to improve pvp, with these new patches is more no skill than before , i like conan exiles but i’m getting tired to see that funcom literally don’t give a f… of the pvp, literally in every new patch they are doing the game more pve, i think this potions meta is so stupid, and if u will not stop it , then pvp is gonna die, well, maybe this is ur goal, but if is not this pls, try to improve the pvp in everything , also without equip unequip is even more worst the game, but try to do something about this game, is not even possible to do 1vs3/4 vs good players pvper, bcs with this meta and with also the old one wins all time the people with more number. I hope u will get my message and improve this pvp , bcs it’s really orrible, and i’m not the only one thinking this. Let’s see if u gonna hear also ur PvP community for one time

this is untrue and false m8 i h8 this guy on the youtube but hes name is reaper of chess and i give him alot of flack and am fighting him on a server right now and he 1v8 naked with spear i honestly think it is the pvp players who will over come this patch. give his youtube a look and he is playing against pretty veteran players and also official casuals you can see it all dude pvp is more strategic and skilled than it has ever been only problem with combat is claws and daggers and horse 1 shots with lance and frenzied wine m8 that is the only no skill stuff in the game at the moment

this reaper of chess is a npc and he play vs npc, if u read good what i said, i said good pvp players


i’m agree about daggers etc, also i hope funcom is gonna delete the auto aim lock because it’s even more no skill and everyone in official abuse of it

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Plenty of great PvP players in the world. Having exposure to Twitch during the drop campaign, I saw almost all of them bagging on the PvP. It’s almost like there’s a campaign out there to divert people from Conan Exiles, and go play some other game, starts with a V. Vrripoff? I’ll think of it, having a senior moment.

If you go to the realm of the PS4 where game culture is much different, PvP is robust, strategic and very active. You gotta get used to the batwing controller though, so that’s a bit of an age gate. Not many old-timers can use one of them as effectively as KB and mouse.

Right now, the PC PvP server action is fairly fluid, flaccid. Playerbase is ebbing and flowing, but one thing stays the same. Nobody wants to actually PvP in the Exiled Lands. My opinion? Delete all the Exiled Lands PvP servers. Maybe people will go fight in Siptah.


That’s pretty good, Halk. On the PS, PvP spoils go two ways: you either leave them their kit, or you hate them so much that you despawn their stuff into a crevice or send it flying with a craftable jar. IOW 75 percent of the time they’ll leave you with armor and some weps so you can keep on, you know, PVPing. 100 percent of the time for me, of course. :smiley:

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He does not play againt npc but ok he play against the top players on dogs and molly wops them but ok

Never saw him playing a wipe in dogs

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The only way to repair PvP is with Pain Wheels.

This isn’t King of Fighters or Killer Instinct… you can’t make PvP based off combos and move cancels… it’s nutty in this sort of game, first of all… but it’s also totally incompatible with long ranged attacks and mounted combat.

Given, there’s more to the combat in this game than Melee, Ranged, and Mounted…
You have Food bonuses, Potion Bonuses, Warpaint/tattoo Bonuses, different Armor strategies, special throwable potions and explosives, poison/venom on certain weapons… but right now, it’s all jumbled up and what’s good is good against everything and what’s bad is bad against everything.

That wouldn’t work in a Fighter game, it doesn’t work in a Strategy game, and it doesn’t work very well here. Combat is fun, but because of the lack of pain wheels whatever the devs are working on now is always the top dog… and often what happens is the last thing they were working on got nerfed along the way.

This doesn’t create a PvP meta or satisfying game. It just generates endless gripes.

Pain Wheels don’t have to be symmetrical, but it’s difficult to balance them when they aren’t. If you make a good asymmetrical pain wheel though, there are so many ways to riff off it and create a deep competitive culture in the game.

Don’t fear the pain wheel, because this is a game where teamwork can let players cover each other’s vulnerabilities.

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What’s a pain wheel?

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Rock, Paper, Scissors is your most basic pain wheel. It means that certain elements trump other elements, but that eventually, you come full circle.


Ah OK, well yeah - I would have thought that would be the obvious thing to aim for in terms of balance.

Problem as I see it in CE is there can’t really be a pain wheel, because even though it’s a video game it’s closest to a traditional RPG like Dungeons and Dragons. Like any RPG it’s possible to do most things, and one of them is fight people. But there’s enormous freedom in what you can use or do: magic potions, legendary weapons, etc.

People want the fighting to be balanced, but is fighting in Dungeons and Dragons balanced? Of course not. If you have two fighter characters of the same level with the same weapons and armour and similar stats it’s pretty balanced I guess. But that’s unlikely to happen in a real D&D game. Fights are always between opponents with very different stats, abilities, weapons and capabilities, usually working in groups. This is also what CE is like.

I keep saying to whoever will listen, but no-one does. Conan Exiles is an RPG, and people who do whatever it takes to win PvP fights are wasting the vast potential of the game. At worst they are griefing role players, those for whom the game is intended.

Here’s an example. I used to play on a very active PvP server with lots of players who were proud of their skills. There was an arena and several large active clans who trained within and outside their clans to PvP. Of course, everyone used basically the same weapon types, armour, and healing strategies, or they’d lose. I thought this was boring and asked some of the players from the top ranked PvP clan to train with me using only non-epic armour and steel weapons.

They did it, and it was actually really fun. Different weapon types could actually win (gasp!) when they couldn’t before. But they just could not understand why I wanted to do it. They kept saying this is pointless, out in the world or in the arena everyone you meet will be tooled up, probably mounted depending on terrain, and followed by a thrall. Which of course was true.

I wanted to do it because it was a fight that was basically balanced! I build my character so he’s fun for me to play and looks cool to me. He works fine fighting monsters in the world. But when I fight another player I always (or almost always) die. Because I don’t want to build my character to be optimised for PvP. All the amazing options the game gives me for customisation just become pointless filler if that’s the way I want to play.

I honestly think the solution to all of this PvP griping is for the people who want to be PvP gods to play a different game, where it’s actually balanced. Like For Honor or even a classic like Street Fighter. Aiming to be a PvP god on a game like Conan Exiles is like wanting to be a PvP master in minecraft or D&D. It misses the point of the game and griefs other players, even if you aren’t intending to.

And yes OP, PvP as it is played is no skill and boring.

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I agree with this too.

Last week I was building a T3 tower for days, when it was half done we got purged and it was erased. I just got it back to almost secure when we got purged again (purge meter didn’t reset after the first time for some reason) and it was flattened again. So then another day of farming, got ganked by a player walking past who had their thrall carelessly set on attack everything. Of course the thrall had a grey ones greatsword and one-shotted me before I even knew they were there. The player (who seemed as surprised as I was) took my building materials. Back to square one. I wasn’t even carrying any good loot. But purge + players + unbalanced weapons + grind = too much. They should consider turning off the purge on PvP servers.

Having one or two viable Meta strategies for PvP is what kills PvP. That’s why a Painwheel is necessary. This way, if any particular strategy becomes popular, more players can play hard and soft counters to it. If, over a long time, those counters aren’t strong enough, the company can tweak the numbers until they get to a point where the game isn’t necessarily perfectly balanced to a decimal… but it’s good enough for Government Work.

Then PvP is fun, people are doing different things, and everyone has space to develop their own style.

It’s a ham-fisted way to repair the PvP culture of the game, perhaps… but it works. Of course, it won’t have much affect on the top PvPers, because they are specialists. The only way to change things for them is to increase the over all number of people playing so new faces climb the ranks and create diverse new PvP challanges.

Of course… you gotta get rid of exploits. As long as someone can do the Notes Exploit to flip the table but mods won’t necessarily punish/punish in a timely manner the parties planning the abuse of the loophole… The PvP culture will also suffer. If they need to depriortize other Moderation tasks to focus on dealing with Exploits… then do that. Otherwise, make a system that will discourage them as they occur.

Learning to strike that balance is what will make future endeavors viable. Dune has lots of room for it’s own Pain-wheels.

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This? :slight_smile:


Literally every nerf can be traced back to the PvP community. If you feel the challenge or skill aspect of that particular side of the game has been lost you have only yourselves to blame.


PvP is not that bad now.
It’s just sad that spear will most likely always be meta and better than any other melee weapon. In a game where you have variety of weaponz and it’s nearly impossible to make everything equal.
Why? Because spear is relatively fast and can reach you before you can reach spear player with any other melee weapon.

Also, Reaper of Chess is one of best pvp fighters out there.
You dont have to play on Dogs or certain private servers to be a really good player :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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This is at least the third video of PvP I’ve seen linked on this forum that’s just two guys in an enclosed space with only one attacking and the other one just rolling.

It’s unclear to me the point these videos are trying to make? I’m not saying PvP is balanced, I just fail to see how one person fighting someone who isn’t trying to fight back or escape tells us anything about balance?