New Update and again its trash

PVP is again completly forgotten and u can see cleary they make this game more and more pve rp.
Animation for every damn healing?? Annoying af and not useful at all.
61 GB for a new map? - Small map. 61 gb could be a whole new game but we get a broken map (early access) and nearly no fix. 1. Map never got fixed and is still broken-> HEY LETS DO A NEW MAP-


Its a shame, i got bored in 30 mins and logged off.

Some things look oke some not, but mainly the vibe is missing.
I know the vibe, ive been in EA of CE, that vibe is still in that game, this is nothing like it.

In terms of graphics this takes us lots of years back imo.

All a matter of taste.


The game in these conditions really sucks. You can not fight that you die in two seconds. I loved to fight on horseback, now because of the cures it is no longer possible to play in that way. For every single cure there is an animation. I would like to remind you that we are playing Conan and not Fortnite. Really disappointed and embittered. I risked to lose my best team against a fury of cimmeria because I did not know of this. FIX or ELIMINATE this orrible animations.

What is the use now to have the recipes of the kitchen if every food is totally useless? Do you understand that even from horseback now it is impossible to cure? I think I’ll quit the game if it stays that way.

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In this case you are wrong. It’s early access. It means not finished. However It will be bad if this does not get fixed by the time it goes public.

I saw here that I’ve was bigger than one in terms of players? Or is it pvp?

are you serious? all these updates, animations, etc. all this is now on the old map, which is like a finished game. As a result, we get Conan Exilles early access all. AGAIN! sorry for bad English


wrong ? You have no idea, I play since alpha with the old map and its the same mistake they do now. The other map went live too and what ? Stuff got fixed ? LMAO PLEASE DONT DREAM

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PVPers asked for the healing nerf since Early Access of the vanilla game. Gotta git gud with the healing now.

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what are you talking about? All the community is crying and u tell me something about pvpers hahaha

You said PVP was forgotten because of the healing change. I’m informing you that PVPers have been asking for this feature for over two years.


Basically because of the people who do pvp us who are in the pve we have to take it in the a**, ok very good!

What did you need to heal for anyway? Go to Tarman’s Breth, knock out Tarman, and let them tank for you. He can solo any vanilla content (at least pre-Siptah) with heavy armor on. There you don’t need to worry about healing.

aloe soup and herbal tea had no animations and healed really well.


Please be more specific with your feedback.
If it’s regarding the new balance changes, please submit the feedback in its appropriate thread.