My first few days

So far from what Ive seen:

  1. Nice map, but pretty bland in terrain and biomes.

  2. Horrible decision on healing animations. Makes combat slower, more drawn out, and puts yourself in more risk then ever. This actually makes pvp worse.

  3. Terrain in the entire center of the map is too well suited for mounts, and those on foot are completely screwed

  4. Dungeons are fun, nice addition

  5. Players seem to disconnect after pvp deaths, and since we have very little servers, we are stuck with high ping and full servers to reconnect.

  6. The h*ll is with the unrealistic ping? Ever since the introduction of Funcom Live Services, connection to servers has been beyond ridiculous, and is shameful for a game 2 years into launch.

  7. Mounts (in my opinion) have zero reason to be in the game. People whined because they couldnt move around the map fast enough, now you have forced the new meta on the Isle map. Open spaces = OP pvp combat on mounts. If you leave them in I want flying mounts, like wyverns in Ark. Heck, already doing Ark like things with mounts, lets go one step more! Go back to how Conan was.

  8. Is your fix to people building large bases with massive amounts of thralls for guards to reduce significantly the amount of farmable resources/thrall camps? I hope not because thats a pathetic fix

  9. This one I know for sure - old content from the Exiles map is now available as random loot from thralls and skeletons? Example - religions are now tablets you learn, armor sets, etc. Dragon bone from building a collection stand in the maelstrom? Come on, this is shoddy work at best.

Conan at least had thought and effort into it. Isles seems like the ideas were there, but people got lazy in the implementation of them. The map seems like a great idea for PVE servers, or RP…but not for PVP. Lack of resources, open terrain…its just…lacking. Maybe more will be fixed or changed in the future, but I cant see it. Even being an early access update (I laughed at that too…massive expansion but early access?? Lol, after 3 years of development they still dont get things right)

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