So we get a new map - a new island - and rhino mounts :)

The teaser video was pretty awesome. I can’t wait to hear the dev stream and I can’t wait to explore this new island and get to the center of it all…


and not mention about more bugs and glitch after released the new expansion.


and new undermesh :grinning:


Yeah dont really care to be honest. Been playing this for over three years now. I can live with bugs and glitches because pretty much every video game I have played in the modern era has had them. I’ve spent more hours in CE than I have in most any other game so my group and I are pretty excited to say the least.


I will never be able to put up with guys who live under map on PvP servers.

And more importantly the Greater Rifts of Conan Exiles, we will have the end game mechanic that was needed to aways have something to do PVE-wise.


Thats why I run my own private server and have since the beginning. I will never play on a public server. Ever.


well, that part can be fix but in the other hand people will start building capital cities everywhere which is means the server will crash everytime.

Another serious question: are the maps totally independent or can we travel from one to the other in some way?


I’m impressed. A full new expansion, and It looks like there are some interesting tweaks to game mechanics.

I wonder if we need to start a new character. Or permanently move to the Isle of Siptah, leaving behind our existing bases, etc.?

Looking forward to the stream tomorrow :grin:


It is much more fun to play with other people. But only if you play honestly. This is everyone’s choice. Developers can not guarantee fair game, so it is really better to play on a private server or not to play at all.

Those were questions I had as well. Especially as we use Age of Calamatous (sp) and can get up to level 120 lol. Hand waiving to start over again wouldn’t bother me, I reset our server a few times a year anyway.

Though I am highly interested to see if the two maps link so you can finish the tale with your first character.


Another reason why I don’t play on public servers. Ever.

The new mounts look neat and all, new stuff is cool…

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I want witchcraft.

New Tame Pets:
Sand Beast
Demon bat.

Transmutation potions, so that we can turn other creatures for 10 minutes, would be interesting.


“It is much more fun to play with other people.”

Playing on a private server doesn’t mean single player. It means we get to control who belongs in our community and anyone that does things like troll, cheat, undermesh, build giant cities to crash the server out, etc… get removed.


Server with mods or vanilla? (pvp pve?)

Whatever type of server you want really. My server runs Age of Calamatous which is a very popular mod that adds a ton to the game. Its listed as pvp but its not a “pvp” server. Its not a server where we raid each other unless we set it up beforehand. Its a casual server where we group up in a pve way but with the ability to pvp should we feel like it.

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ok i understand you, thanks

I was wondering about that too. It seems like you can’t, at least when you first arrive, because they talk about salvaging wrecks to make your first shelter.