Make Adv Great Again

Can we please less nerf adv its one of the classes hardly played anymore they use to be a reliable toon to play now not so much alot people may not agree but for 2021 Lets make Adv Great Again

adv is not nerfed just other clasess got more. what do u want go gave them ?

So yeah… Nice and deep post there… How do you propose we make advy great again ?

Well im not asking for fc to make them super op but bring back some of the old Nanos forsure like other forms would be nice to have back benefits all when u can for ppl into wolf saber ect maybe make heals a little better not like op over doc or ma in stance but maybe redo some pistols perks u have one that buff aimshot like almost useless just little better heals and a little damage every class now almost can do alot more then a adv… they use to be liable maybe rethink some of the old nanos they took away just my thoughts

Can you try saying that again legibly please?

Going to take more than some tweaks to their nanos to fix Adventurers.

They’ve been getting kicked down peg after peg since the LE expansion with it’s just flat out aweful Adventurer OFAB/Research and it is a theme that has continued on up to the “balancing” which killed off whatever was remaining. Probably sounds a bit overley dramatic but you can glance around without much effort to see missed opportunities.

But lets glance at just a few notable changes over the years:


Ranged Advy has been shouting for decades for a new FA pistol and support while Fixer out of the blue got huge FA buffs/research and weapon support. Melee is significantly even more worse off in the damage department.
Due to this, damage has fallen behind dramatically at 220 due to lack of support putting them dead last for damage professions, I bet an enforcer could give them a run for their money.
Note I know a new FA pistol is being added which is exceptionally good but I’ll reserve judgement on that, for all we know it has 5 ammo and has a proc that CH’s the target.


Advy was in general considered the second best healer in-game, now I would put them at probably 5th (Doc>MA>Agent>Shade(albeit themselves)).


AoE calms changed to single target 30 second calm, only works in leet form.
Forms more or less destroyed, you either use Dragon to solo for heals and more health, or Cat for damage. Leet for is only used if you made the poor decision of going melee until you come to your senses and IP reset to pistols.


If you want to play a jack of all trades profession that can choose what they want to do really well? Go Agent because it is NOT the strength of Adventurers and hasn’t been for a long long time.

The overall look of the profession right now is schizophrenic at best with a random mishmash without any sense of direction or purpose.

I would suggest taking a page out of the Agent book at bring those qualities across.

Want them to heal how about a new direction like…
Remove the Root from tree form
Change the form to a Medusa instead
Dramatically modifiy the heals while in form Zazen style +100% healing efficiency, etc.
- In form, your heals also weave a protective bark layer over your target absorbing the next X damage
Change the healing nanos to a short recharge but with cooldowns as per MA healing
Add a new single target heal, they have not had a single target upgrade since SL.
In the theme of “Hide of the Cerberus” add a cooldown for tree form to add massive +Heal Reactivity for a short time.

Like MA, a healer without init debuffs will NEVER replace a doctor, they will only ever work in tandem with a bureacrat or an agent in FP doc. Damage is already below what a Doctor can perform while healing and the form itself is already a damage sacrifice by definition.

No? How about a possible tank alternative?
Remove the cooldown from Corrosive Cloud
Increase the health buff from Aggressive Reptile to 20k
Allow Practice Incineration to scale up to 25k threat
In the theme of “Hide of the Cerberus” add a cooldown for dragon form to “taunt” the target adding massive burst threat. Wipe Threat Table + 200k taunt for example

Despite the taunt and health increases they will never reach Enforcer levels of health or threat but supported by their baseline heals and perks they would be at least a viable alternative.

Maybe add the taunt mechanic to enforcer and soldier as well allowing you to add a new boss mechanic that actually requires tanks to swap off rather than just spam mongo for 10 minutes.

Again, damage is comparable to an enforcer while in an actual damage form so tanking as an Adventurer already has it's sacrifices.

Perhaps we don’t want to mess with tanking either, how about just fixing damage…

New Wolf/Cat/Leet specific new nuke ability “Savage Bite”, scaling nuke damage they can instant cast throughout combat. If possible, does increased damage if behind the target.
Add a damage proc to forms, % chance on hit to inflict “Bleeding Wounds” scaling DoT.
Add Improved versions of 1he and pistol buffs with Burst & Full Auto added.
Review LE research to make the benefits comparable to other professions.
Add significant damage buff to Leet and Wolf and increase the cat debuff greatly as well, compensate for this by adding a penalty, reducing the adventurers ACs by 50% or more

Weapon lines for adventurer received nothing from LE+ improvements which is just wild to me, adventurer is also very passive with just weapon special spam throughout combat being all there is to do.

Adding a new and form specific DoT procs will marginally improve their damage which adding some activity to it by encouraging attacking from the back where possible. Continue adding Adventurer specific weaponry like the new FA pistol to compensate for it's poor AR scaling.

The last one might not be popular, but I've turned into a huge cat and my damage barely changed and I take damage just the same. I want to FEEL like i've done something, I want changing forms to have an impact on my performance not be barely noticeable.

P.s. I rail on adventurers on discord frequently, my first profession after a long break was an Adventurer pre-balancing and I always hated how inferior all the gear and nanos were to other professions after LE but I endured before balancing and power creep in gear just made playing one intolerable.

Right now I would never recommend a paid player EVER play an adventurer, you are just setting yourself up for disappointment and sitting on LFT by yourself for hours. Its not personal, it’s not you, but your profession is in a terrible state and brings nothing to the table beyond company.

If you want to play an Adventurer right now, be a froob.

advys are pretty great i think, they can go bird form and fly around which is pretty sweet. plus they get it way before MPs get quantum wings

Honestly, I don’t even remember when was the last time, if ever, I’ve seen an Advy in DB3 or PoH, or New ToTW or Subway. You sometimes notice one in an APF or Ipande Zerg, or in a 12man, but yeah…Advys are basically at the point where you usually go… “I’d rather keep the team spot empty to increase loot chances than to take one.”

Kinda sad.

Stop talking about advs so they end up reverting PDKP nerf thank u v much

no way you guys, advys are great. remember, they’re one of only TWO profs to get the backstab special! backstab + hatred of the xan?!!!?! amazing!

Needs to be a little clarification with this thread in terms of pvm and PvP.

Let’s talk PvP first:

I have played advy for years on end and although they are not god mode like before they are extremely viable and useful in PvP. They can be apart of the main tank team in mass due to off heals and wolf auras. Advy still has amazing team support but if you compare them to NTs or agents ofc there damage is gonna be sub par. Like mini said advy still great just a few other classs got big buffs that makes advy seem worse than they actually are. Advy still extremely strong 1v1er and dueler besides trader/engi/mp and fp doc agent. But everyone struggles with those classes so not really a problem for me.

Some small changes that could go along way for advy.

-Rework tree morph for increased healing by 25-50% and remove the permanent root. Would be viable like zazen and doc.

-reduce cast time of all heals, one init buff and advy healing is basically nothing hence why we can’t beat or even compete against agent in fp doc.

-long shot that will prob never happen would be to rework troaler for advy only option just to have a little more reliable AS for ranged. Capping 30% AS 1 out of 10 times is not reliable at all. Especially when engi, trader, agent, nt all get capped attacks/nukes every 11 seconds or less.

Regardless of these changes advy still can be a great addition to any PvP team or raid if played properly as a support class first and damage dealer second. Most people just want to compare them to ez mode agent or nt which you can’t do.

I won’t even comment on melee since there are complete and utter garbage in PvP. They need a stun and reduced perk evade checks for a starter to have any viablity.

Let’s talk PvM:

They have no place in any proper team. Damage is at the bottom of the barrel for melee and ranged even with the new FA pistol. The healing is no where near enough to compete with doc or zazen. And there morph auras don’t make or break any team comps that a crat/engi/sold/keep can do much better.

Tree rework would allow them to main heal some raids and off heal most everything. Damage for ranged PvM needs full auto perk line and a few extra damage perks like fixer got.

Melee needs some new weapons with increased damage and crit modifier.


Nice input, Tidus.

My First char was Adv. My Main was Adv up to 2006. I had even twink Adv at 150. Novadays Twink is striped because it was useless, my Main was IPR to tradeskills. And basicly Since last 7 months I was in team with Adv 3 or 4 times total.

IMHO - they should get boost in team heals/heal ability at first place. I always felt my adv is useless in team - no DD (its ok, because it would make them OP in duels/pvp) and heals so low that its better to get agent/ma or even keeper (blockers).

I’ve played a little bit of advy but not too much, so some of my post may be inaccurate but here I go:

Like tidus said, advy is still very strong in 1v1s, i dont think they need a huge buff in this department, instead they could use large buffs to their team auras and pvm toolset.

For lizard, one thing that could make them more desirable in pvm is giving them taunts. Advy in pit lizard form gets a ton of tanking ability and they could definitely replace enfo in some raids if they are given a stronger toolset to maintain aggro.

For the pit lizard aura, it is kind of underwhelming imo for pvp. You get like 1.5k hp at tl7 which is nice but most tl7 players would prefer other people in their team if that is all the advy has to offer. Maybe they could add a small reflect for the team, like 5%, or something like that (blockers?). They would become a very valuable asset to pvp teams.

For wolf, this is probably the most balanced aura for pvp, it is quite desirable for teams but i think the advy becomes pretty squishy in this morph for mass, either way i think its in a fair spot for mass. For pvm I’d say this morph is pretty good also, I’m not sure where they could improve it without making it OP in pvp.

Sabertooth. This morph is probably the 2nd/3rd to least used for advy. In mass pvp, defensive auras are much more preferable so I dont think it will ever have much of a place there. One idea for this would be adding a debuff proc on the target, but honestly it could make this morph op for 1v1, I’m not too sure. For pvm they could just buff the team aura to have more dmg/crit, im not too sure how much it adds atm but i doubt it would effect pvp at all.

The leet morph is fine where it is, it just sucks cus advy has very little gank ability in general, they need a buff to their weapons and maybe perk lines to make this morph viable.

The tree… I fkin love the tree but it just sucks atm. It should be the advy version of zazen but instead its the equivalent of putting on 1 piece of healing efficiency gear… its so bad. Giving them cc resistance is amazing, it should also be on the aura for their team. You can ditch the nano regen on it cus I dont think its really noticeable or necessary. And it needs to give way more healing eff or reactivity. It should nerf the advys damage also, whether you copy zazen and remove damage, or do -ranged/melee init, or nerf their AR, im not sure which is most appropriate. Another idea would be adding drain resistance or a massive nr buff to this line, currently i think drains just make advys completely useless so adding that to tree could make them truly viable pvp healers.

Advy is an awesome prof but like others have said they are already great 1v1ers. Without completely reworking the prof, the only route to buffing them in a team environment is to give them a support role, so that means buffing their auras imo

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-Love the idea to have reflects or blockers on dragon that could be super useful. Reflects more realistic because a dragon with self blockers is prob unkillable. Maybe 7-10% range?

-I didn’t even think about dragon for pvm, but if you gave them self and area taunt they could tank most raids with close to 40k hps and make them much more desirable.

Great feedback hip!!

Reflect 7-10% would be overkill in /duels if it would stack with RRFE (so 13% graft too). And if not stacking, it would be another junk nano.

I say it should be 4% and stackable with RRFE (graft too) and with Keeper Reflect Aura. So basically new NanoLine or function for this line. This way Adv would not replace Keeper in team and would be DESIRED addition to team if there is already keeper. And very good addition to team if there is no keeper too…

As for heals touching them will be always hard and pita for devs and players. But As suggested, Tree morph could be used in way to boost team healing (and team healing only!).

well i believe that there is only one prof who have stronger deff then adv and thats MP so i dont think that Adv need to buff their deff. adv alredy have cocon, heals, evades and with lizard 35k + hp gaving them reflect or blockers would be overkill.

i would say adv need to get more dmg in alpha they have just few perks compare to sold agent or fixer.
so i would rework lightstalker line to 10 perk and add 2 mode dmg perks with solid Dmg and 90% deff chack maby some small stun like in power bolt to that line + add whole new perk line with FA support in case they want be PVM

My Main-Char is still an Adv and thats since 13 years, i have a ranged and melee 220 Adv. Love both Chars but its hard to finde some usefull places in PvM-content to play them as a important role.
The new FA-Pistol is a good start to get a place as dmg-dealer but 1he is still a joke.
Here are my Ideas to make Adv great again:

  • Adv and Mp are the only professions that able to fly in fight, maybe use that to creat a new content where you have to use it.
  • Remove the Crit.Inc Stack-Line from the Leet-Morph so Adv can get more Crit-chance with Leet + CritBuff
  • Remove the Fog and the Cooldown from the Lizard-Area-Taunt, its only annoying and the whole Team cant see anything from that green fog
  • Add a Stun-Perk or Proc or whatever but especially meele-adv needs a stun in pvp, its so annoying that everything runs away and when you run inside the opponent, you still cant perk or hit cuz it says your target is too far away
  • Tree-Morph: why the hell did every morph get a short-buff but not the tree?! Think a Nano-regain for the Team would be nice, like 5% Nano every sec for 10sec. Or a Team-Ch like A&O from Doc but after using that the Hp from Adv will be set to 1hp
  • Change the Cycling Shields into one Base-Buff with the Shield-AC and a Absorb thats refresh every 2 minutes. So you will not loose the complete buff after using Bio Cocoon, only the Absorb and that refresh after two min
  • Remove Fountain of Life so Adv, Doc and Agent in mimic are the only ones with a Complete Heal in PvP again

I have two more changes but i think they are bit creazy and not everyone have the same opinion like me:

  • Creazy Idea Nr. 1: Change the Morphs into Forms, remove the Animal-Morphs and give other visual-effects to the different Froms e.g. Fire-Fists in Cat-Form, Fire-feets in Wolf-Form (like Rage), Scale up in Lizard-Form, Scale down in Leet-Form, Root in Tree. Ppl would still see what kinde of Form you use as Adv.
    I would love to see my Advs infight as my Char and not allways only a an animal and its sometimes rly annoying or hard to handle the movement or camera in some morphs.
  • Creazy Idea Nr. 2: Allow Advs to wear ranged and melee weapons at the same time e.g. R-hand Pistol + L-Hand 1he. That would give Adv a unique playstyle. (Maybe with some restrictions like special-attacks only from the right-hand or something like that)