Which char to play?

Hi there,

I was playing AO since the beginning of RK3 (DNW) as Feygra (solitus enf) on neut side and later Omni (Black Thorns) for several (many many) years.
Now I’ve reactivated my account to find everything in place (even my prefs were found in my backup archive)… After walking around on RK5 for one day with various chars, I do have a big question:
Which char to play?
I do have my main Feygra (Soli/Enf/2HE 220/20/…) and Scaby (Soli/Adv/Ranged 214/?/…). I’ve read Advs are nerfed, but I always liked my Adv very much.
I would like to hear some hints and tips! I don’t know nothing about newer patches… My knowledge and equip is stuck with LE (Merc/Sharpshooter/Pande). Never did new SL missons or dailies.


advy is a diseased creature, Its better to let it rot and decay and go extinct. Only giving it pets or something more like a typical ranger class can save it now.

Enfo and sold are still good. I would go 1hb though on the enfo. Agent is op for pvp now days. mp was fixed at one point with super pet but takes a lot to get the reqs. Most everything else is playable. Keepers have melee energy light saber support now if you want to be a jedi/sith. You missed the dark times when enfo/crat/doc/sold were the only viable toons and all others were pariahs.

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Thanks! I’ve read about the advy nerfs, but wouldn’t believe it, since it was so damn uber in my times. Jepp/Kyr/OHS with great Heal and great Def.
I did some medium Inf missions solo yesterday with adv. Quite a tough job, but doable.

On my enfo I was 1hb/1he (Kyr/Kyr PvM, KyR/SoW PvP) before I changed to 2he for dmg perks.

Looks like I do need some tutoring :slight_smile:

If you happen to have beast weapons stored away you will be ready to upgrade.

I’ve also seen some of the new corrupted versions offered for free on the message bots.

Poh is new and I never liked it. a full upgraded beast armor set gives you a complete heal perk… So broken…

Very nice! Looks like I will give the enf a try. 1hb I always liked most. Combo with 1he for sneak in pvp is still possible. So Pande armor is now really worth to search in old backpacks for it :rofl:

Why is advy not working with those upgraded pistols? In theory these look very nice. Ok, still no new FA replacement for JEPP, but nice burst and fling. Even AS for PVP.

Welcome back! I remember Black Thorns from many tower fights back then! :slight_smile:

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