[BUREAUCRAT] Pet buffs/AR/dmg type


As crat is a bit annoying buff pets each 10 minutes. Can bureaucrats please have 4 hours pet buffs like engs or MPs does?

I also think crat pets need an attack rating improve, because in PvP they dont hit anything. And please same dmg type. Splitting dmg melee/radiation kinda sucks, maybe can set all the dmg to radiation instead.


u can change dmg by urself :slight_smile: Also crat robotic pet has ok AR and charms can have pretty high dmg+AR. While carlo hits fast, damn hard (crits a lot) and has huge wide of dmg (damn high max dmg) I see nothing to complain… On RK/Aliens crat can OD MP+engi. Engi domintates in SL vs high ACs. Also crats are very capable of nice dmg… I see no point in making crats OP killers when they are so damn strong right now…

Disagree. RK is close in terms of damage to an engi (MP isn’t really in the running), not with Aliens though. Engineer can change all pet damage to aliens lowest AC (fire) and reduce AC further with dog bot’s bite resulting in a ton of added damage. Engi pets hit much harder where crat pets hit faster. In general, engi OD’s crat 9/10.

Whole heartedly agree about the buff durations needing to be upped though.

Well is not about dmg output, is about the chance of hit, and my concern was mostly for PVP, i have 220 eng, mp, crat and testing vs enf (which is not evade prof) the eng and mp pets can kill enf q/afk easy, but vs the crat pets the enf can outheal the dmg easy just with HD tick while siting. So i bump my original post, crat pets need AR improve and merge dmg type.