[Crat] Fr00b Crat level 100 Biomare toon


I never played Crat before so I thought a level 100 Biomare toon to get my other froobs the pistols and gear would be a good start. So I came up with this rough setup:

The general idea was to be able to cast the highest pet, the first AoE Charm and just go with the flow.

Turns out, with the planned equip the crat wont be able to cast the AoE Charm, neither the highest pet with mochams (would need wrangle) and the DoW is OE. It seems like a disaster - am I missing something?

oh and no IP whatsoever in evades…
And no Lya’s armor since the toon does not exist yet

I runs with Auno.org - Equipment Configurator , letting the robot and pets take care of the damage, and hits the mobs with my handbag when they get too close. you dont need much dmg there, you could go with the Dark Pistol of The Revoked for 25 int more and a cdr instead

There’s no way you’ll be standing around shooting Foreman’s mobs in the lab area and beyond down to the Director or Tim. Best possible long and short charm nano’s. I’d use the Crat briefcase or dual OT Jess pistols. Maybe Bracelet of Pacifism. The bracer is very uncommon drop but I think it may drop more often in CRU missions. Rings could be different. I’m not a great planner on this sort of stuff until I’m actually doing it in the shop.

I think those bracers stopped working like 15 years ago. Now its +70 HP/NP or something

I have a 100 froob crat with DoW + dark pistol non-OE self, top crat pet with mochams, and selfs the first aoe calm. It also has about 80% ip in dodge/evade… and casts the top aura buff (with help from mp+trader). So all of these things are possible. It still gets slapped around in pvp though… but anyways that’s not why I created it in the first place.

I’ll post the setup here later including IP etc. but there are a few items which are difficult to find… overall the whole twink wasn’t super extreme but I did have to theory-craft a bit with the setup and IP to make sure I could cast everything. notably for nanoskills I used a ql 135 expensive kevlar vest, MAGS aggression enhancer, and a ql 200 third eye of daria. For pistol buffing I used a ql 126 anun membrane gloves and a 1/5 reanimated illusionist robe.

although on some level I agree with pinkishpunk and higain. Pistol damage is really not the crat’s forte. even with my setup I usually calm everything in my path rather than shooting. the burst on dog of war is a nice luxury but the cdr/dark pistol damage will suffice if needed, and have faster special attack recharges on top of the proc damage. For more damage, it would be wise to invest in some mech. engi skills for aggression trimmers, something I completely forgot to do when I made my crat and now it uses crap trimmers. realistically for running through foremans, you will just pet-kill the bosses and calm the trash, so the only place where pistol damage really matters is that one room where the mobs cant be calmed (alpha bio experiments?).

edit: there is an issue with “anun membrane gloves” and aosetups. you cant load a setup which contains this item. I just spent a while entering in exact IP and qls for my setup only to find it broken on aosetups. so I will try again later…

Thank you very much for your input! Maybe not all is lost.

Sadly you can’t chance the gloves QL in auno either… Maybe you could just post your IP and setup without the gloves and I’d figure the rest out?

here is my equipment setup (minus anun membrane gloves)

the difficulty with exact IP is that aosetups is not a 100% accurate IP emulator. what you really need to do is only raise the skills you need to equip items while twinking, I remember I shaved points off pistol, evades, nanoskills, base abilities, computer literacy, etc… the more you can save the better. I barely had any invested into body development/nano pool. IP is really tight at 100 if you want to have evades. you will hardly have any skills maxed, maybe only treatment and a few abilities.

also the gloves are pretty unique. they only exist in ql 100-200 because of the item required for its tradeskill process, and every ql has the same exact bonuses. lower ql just means lower requirements for the gloves. I remember I had to kill anuns for about an hour and I got two membranes, one ql 175ish and one ql 126. the ts item is tradeable but the final product is nodrop so you need to own your own “Mass relocating robot - shape soft armor” in order to get the gloves on your crat.