[CRAT] Spinning wheels and need advice

Ok, so to give a quick background, I have been playing since 2003 (with many breaks) I am familiar with most things, but all my toons have been solo. Including a 220/30 Doc done by dailies (yes, many many many many dailies)

So My crat is now a 210/26 but I have just seemed to be grinding down to a halt. I am using dual Dog’s of War (I could not find them in the auno configurator) but it just seems like there should be something better out there. Looking at Kyr’ozch pistols and OFAB pistols, the requirements are so far out there to equal to what the dogs are putting out. Also my HUD/Util items are old leftover S10 stuff.

I guess what I am asking for is some nudges and suggestions to move towards getting more up to date gear appropriate for PVM / Solo. I have have only done PVP a couple times on my doc, which consisted of blindly running about the battle station spamming UBT’s since I literally had no clue of where to go or what to do.

this is my current setup on auno:


There are very few options that you can farm on your own, the most obvious ones that comes to mind are:

  • Dreadloch Balanced Freedom Arms
  • Xan of Lust
  • New ToTW pistol.

In reality if you get some crit chance in your setup your dogs of war will actually do decent damage, they arent that bad and the crit damage is really nice on them. OFAB Peregrine works as well, but requires the VP and Types. You’ll also need some Supple based armor to get them on.

Hope that helps some!