[NT] Froob , is there a something better then a Worn Cyberdeck

I know it’s all about nuking, but wouldn’t mind having a little better damage the 17 Dmg range at level 45

I think pistols are pretty much it. This being AO you can use whatever weapon you like & they’ll be better than the starter cyberdeck. I’ve been going with grenade or shot guns for my MP’s (both froob & paid).

okay so it’s not me doing bad search, and unable to find anything.
So unless you have at least the shadowlands expansion , a NT is just out of luck. :unamused:
maybe I can find one of those crystals with the same buffs . .well back to searching


Majestic Soft Pepper Pistol + Galahad Inc T70 Khan these boost MC pretty good for late game.

for leveling up you can dual a soft pepper pistol with a worn cyberdeck, or use fazekas crystal dualed with a pillow with important stripes, but yeah weapons for froob NT are mostly useless outside of niche scenarios like having aimedshot for pvp. CDR’s might be good for a short while, dog of war is always pretty nice, but ranged weapons will break your roots and most of the time you dont want to be attacking, just running and casting nukes

OET Co. Jess are nice for the int/psy buffs which should boost nanoskills a bit and also allow you to wear better armor. I’d probably use those because of how easy they are to find and equip.