CyberDeck. is the Professor Dedlock questline broken?

ive just come back to the game after a very long absence and am working on a NT (currently at lvl 26)
ive done the first mission for dedlock and after multiple attempts the second spec will not show up in my mission menu despite going through the dialog with dedlock. is this questline now broken like so many other things seem to be now? I can buy cyberdecks from the NT npc but they are vastly unaffordable and grinding 1mil+ credits is going to take ages if I cant increase my characters weapon damage outside of another slow grind for implants. any insight?

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The cyberdecks have a level requirement and the first one after Arete becomes available at level 50. You can have a look on AO-Universe for all the details.

Do note that the professor no longer gives you the Cyberdeck for free, and you have to buy it, but at level 50 it shouldn’t be as hard to make 1m.

If you’re on RK5, I would gladly give you the 1m to help you get started too.

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thank you for the feedback. I am on RK5 and although i’m not one for handouts that would actually be very helpful to me as I don’t have tons of time to grind at the moment. I can fit a few missions in a day. Hallogallo is my handle.

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I’ve sent you some creds through the mail :blush:

Saavick thank you so very kindly! I will have to seek you out once im worthy of raiding .etc

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