[Fixer] Froob Weapons

okay, need to make sure which SMG to get next.
I’m not far, in fact just the beginning. Right now using the Ofab SMG that drops in Subway, but I’m at the point where it may not be the choice weapon anymore.
What should I be looking for next ?
what is the normal order of weapons choice for the Fixer ?

hey hey :blush:

The next weapon would probably be one of the C04 weapons you can buy from the general stores, like fair trade in borealis. Have a look here for more details.

For a more detailed comparison with lots of variables to play with, like your weapon skills, ranged init skill, armour class on mobs etc, have a look at Tinkerfite. I guessed some values, but do play around with it yourself :smile: TinkerFite


Thank you
looks like I just need Weapon Smithing. Well now I know where some of my IP is going :wink:

You’ll only need weapon smithing if you buld them from scratch, but you can buy the weapon almost finished from the shop and then apply the Ranged Weapons Adjustment Kit which requires no tradeskills :blush:

:laughing: yeah , I figured that out. Glad I tried it at the level I bought, then stock pile all the stuff for later

Once you get to foremans you can use a Gamma Ejector paired with a Russian Good Day until you can dual wield Gamma Ejectors. You can use these for a long time until you can get a low ql Blackbird.

You would have better gameplay experience to switch over to dual wield Customized IMI Desert Reet 1000 from Foremans. These weapons provide higher, consistent DPS over Gamma Ejectors and their slow burst cycle until you have the IP and skill level to equip two Blackbird or Blinding Blackbird.

The pistols have a lower dual wield requirement and easier, in my opinion, to equip with IP, implants and extreme prejudice nano from Engineers (or Trader’s Wrangle nano). And their damage will carry you to level 100 where you can switch back to MG and toss on the Blackbirds.

funny, I was just looking and thinking about that a couple days ago.
In the past when the Russian Good Day could just be bought , that’s what I had used. I had never actually level / played the Fixer much back in those days, so never got the chance to use the Blackbird’s.
If I start another Fixer, I just may go that route
Thanks for confirming my thoughts

this is actually a huge noob trap. I’ve seen a few fixers go this route and just get stuck because they refuse to admit they messed up by going pistol. I’m not going to argue much but I’ll say that its not worth deviating from SMG for the 10 levels where CDR will outperform smg. you are going to have higher base smg skill than pistol, it will cost less ip to max, and you will benefit from your self-only smg buffs. at the froob end game its viable to spend the ip and dual wield a dog of war with a blinded blackbird for the fling shot, but you always have to consider that a lower AR weapon will almost always perform worse than a weapon which is catered for your profession.

edit: and the only reason pistol can work at all is with outside buffs. for a solo player perspective its not convenient to always need to find a high level engineer to fix your low AR problem. also consider that the levels where CDr will outdamage gamma ejectors is also the level range where you are the most strapped for IP, as fixer you have dark blue nanoskills and rely on evasion for your main mode of defense so it can really gimp you if you choose to do something like pistol or 2hb rather than smg.

ahh, very good to know. So unless your willing to purchase IP resets from the store, don’t do it

its a single skill , you reset pistol and make it smg instead, you gain enough skillpoints as you level to survive that, the other regs, multirange and burst are something you need anyway, That leaves flings that you can describe as wasted, except certain buffs weapons needs a bit of fling anyway.

There is night and day going the route of pistols than Blackbirds/BB. The Gamma Ejectors while the stat numbers look promising but the burst cycle time sucks balls when mobs are in your face.

yeah it does. :roll_eyes:
I’ve never taken a fixer past low level. Now I think I know why

yeah it does. :roll_eyes:
I’ve never taken a fixer past low level. Now I think I know why

You should be able to equip the CDR by level 45 with some implant help for multi-ranged since you could buff pistol and burst with nanos e.g., +120 Pistol from Extreme Prejudice (engineer) and +110 Burst from Riot Control to gap close those two skills since you need good MR implants.

Such as, laddering up implants.

Eye implant: Rifle (s), Treatment (b), and Multiple Ranged Weapons (f)
Right Hand implant: Pistol (b), Treatment (f)
Head: Treatment (s)

There is a process but quite doable that will carry you until you can shift back over to SMG. You may upgrade to Dogs of War as another upgrade option.