[Trader] What gun and armor?

My traders level 32 and I’ve just put on his QL50 implants.

At the moment I’m wearing the Newcomers armor and using a Illegally Modified Ofab Silverback.
I’m looking to do some upgrading, but I’m not sure what to get. Most guides seem to be aimed people who aren’t froobs like me.

Can anyone suggest some armour and weapons? Hopefully stuff that is mission rollable.

Right now, you can buy a pump trainee/pump master from weapon shops (if lucky) or from a player for relatively cheap compared to old prices. Once you outgrow the pump trainee you have a number of options for shotguns.

Vektor ND ql 1-180 good damage but no specials. Great for saving IP mainly. Rollable
Krutt Assault ql 1-184 mediocre damage but insane crits. has flingshot but its a long cooldown. Rollable

1h shotguns

Uncle Bazzit Diplomatic ql 1-200 decent damage with reasonable min damage for a froob, great offhand to use for fling shot. I highly recommend using this shotgun if you are going to dual wield, but using two at the same time is difficult due to a high multi-ranged requirement. Also I think this gun is dyna only.
S.A. Home Defender ql 1-200 slow but has notable crits for a 1h shotgun, generally worse than the Diplomatic but has a much lower multi-ranged requirement so it is commonly used in the other hand. Rollable which is nice

There are a few more options but these are the big ones for froob. Once you are level 125 you can get a Maw of the Abyss from Inner Sanctum.

For armor just keep using newcomer as it should last you well past level 32. Get all the totw stuff like the shoulderpads, rings, gloves, and exarch robe. once you are done with totw try finding a tradeskiller who can build you a good ql set of carbonum. The stats on carbonum are perfect for a trader. phase out parts of carb for Miy’s as you level up. ql 120-200 miy’s armor is generally pretty cheap and very effective gear for froobs.

as Hungry said, those are solid choices.
You don’t /have/ to stay shotgun as trader, though.
On my traders I enjoyed going Desert Reets until I could equip Dog Of Wars at level 90ish.

If you are playing on Rk5, you might be able to find a nice trader with extra Victory Points (VP) and hook you up with a ql100ish set of ofab. Carbonum is good for a long time, like Hungry mentioned. Nelebs robe is a must have, as well.

Best weapon for 32 lvl froob trader, i think - Pump. But dyna drop only(huge thanx for dude, which just present me Master for free!!! :pray:). Another shotguns like Krutt, Vektor etc 2.5/2.5 slow as hell and have good criticals with low mindmg. I prefer to buy in shop Chunkprojector and upgrade it with adjustment kit. Possible isnt best way, but cheap and fast as lvls 1-100 now.
Also Benjiy, if you catch my trader Coinair online ill give this Pump master to you free, send tell on RK1, but im using this toon just as buffer for other toons.

you got good advice here. from my froob trader experience, I was using waltzing queen ql180 and crying (very rare crits), liked the maw of abyss but loved it when switched to the reck weapons (dogs/skawts and especially the big skawt). at about lvl 40 I would go with cdr and do some twinking and equip the dogs at about lvl 60-70.