Weapon damage calc

Hi, sorry to bother but i can’t figure out why i hit half less damage per hit with level 103 sleekmaster classic - 004 (damage 26-138) than with Illegally modified ofab hawk (damage 20-90).
Both have 100% SMG attack skill.
I play a level 60 fixer with around 460 SMG skill.
Thanks for your help.

what are you hitting? Could be different damage types hitting a mob with a higher protection vs the sleek

Hi, i was hitting grey mobs so i don’t think their defense is the problem. I have the feeling that it still uses split AR between SMG and ranged energy like the base Sleekmaster (not upgraded). I’ll do more testing tonight.

Ah yes that will be the reason then, your AR will be much lower if it’s split

It seems i was bugged yesterday, it work fine today… Maybe i should have tried to zone before testing the new gun…
Sorry for the inconvenience, thanks again.

AO is a complex game, could be all matter of things, might be you were missing a buff and were overequipped as well. No worries, were all here to solve the mysteries of AO :stuck_out_tongue: