Prototype Inferno Problem


Having a problem killing the prototype inferno at the bottom of the Cyborg barracks in Greater Tir County. I’ve been there twice on my level 200 fixer teamed with my level 42 soldier to get the Hellspinner Shock Cannon for him,but whenever I have I have been unable to physically attack the mob with my guns,but am still able to hit him with nanos and special fixer attacks (cluster and homing bullets), Whilst I was attacking the mob,someone else came in and killed it.


He is immune to radiation damage, so for example to blackbirds. Try use the poison bracelet from Arete or switch to another weapon like a Manex Catastrophe or Mausser Chemical Streamer.


Ahhhh my lovely Saav,Thx sweetheart…I had no idea that he was immune to rad damage as I’ve killed him with Stoney a shed load of times and he uses a Chirop which IIRC does radiation damage,unless I’m only doing cold damage with the offhand gelid. (Honestly can’t say I’ve ever noticed)