Ask for advice on fighting "The Simian Horror" champion at Kaidan docks


This large spikier than usual gorilla-type is on top of a circular tank reached by a ladder and sloping ramp at the top.

He zips around the fenced-in circular space and emits a ground-effect that’s pretty much instantly lethal, and that seems to do equal damage whether I’m on the ramp or the top of the tank proper.

Doesn’t seem to be much on him online either. Any help appreciated, thanks!


From what I can gather, the Simian Horror is one of the special monsters that should be taken out by a group.
Or, like, a ridiculously overpowered player.


He can be solo’d (I used chaos for it’s healing ability and a handful of potions, and just barely did it) but usually people fight him as a group.


If u need help message me in game I don’t mind giving a helping hand


The main thing is to interrupt “furious tremors” (I think that’s the ability name) immediately since it does a lot of damage and it’s hard to judge how big the area of effect is.


Don’t let him buff himself stronger and don’t let him do the tremour and you should be able to beat him given you are decently overgeared.
If you have a healer with you or tank it and have a dps player he should be relatively easy.


I second bringing interrupts to this fight.


What weapons set do you have? I used Pistols/Hammer to fight him, so had two Pistol Stuns to work with, basically allowing me to stun him anytime he started his heaviest attack. I also found it very helpful to take this fight with extra put into defense/HP and passive heals (your mileage may vary on this, as many people find that to be counterproductive and go full DPS. I like to be able to survive at least ONE mistake). Also, make sure your Healing Potions are all topped up and don’t be afraid to use them. If you’ve got some of those Potions that drop from Lockboxes, pop one of them.


I am using Ar and Ele with incendiary grenade, red mist and mjolnir/crystallized flame I use the anima launcher for the grenades as a heal


So, none of your abilities on either weapon have stuns/interrupts in and of themselves.
Fortunately, several of you Elemental abilities have them with Passives, mostly your Cold abilities. You may want to think about going mostly Cold and just keeping him on ice for much of the fight. It would really take the pressure off.


dont use red mist in this fight its crap thier.

first grab the FAN gadged for extra impair.

then consider cristalysed ice with icy step to freeze the ape, if you circle behind him he should not be able to hit you. Also impair all his cast, Change the skills to use for impair, freeze Counts for some reason as impair, so if used Blizzard with passive should impair all he try to toss at yaa. Then u have 3 impair slotted and will manage the fight, if not possible after Change of skills u use, bring a friend.


Doing it as blood/AR healer with a dps partner worked great! Thanks to all for the detailed advice.

NOTE: it seems to help avoid damage to stand on the inverted-L shaped pipe that comes up next to the ramp that leads to the top of the tank. I healed from there and the monster didn’t seem to notice me, even when it got near enough for me to cast Boincan Flask on it.


Glad to hear it worked out for you, man!