Resurrection Joe - just how tough is he? Also: how to LFG?

I now have all the parts needed to fight Resurrection Joe. But I’ve looked at the (one) Youtube video of a fight with him and he looks pretty tough.

So with a Chaos/DP IP 489 character, should I solo?

So far I have not grouped with anyone so I don’t know how to go about it.

How do I advertise? I’d be willing to go with a pickup group that consists of others who want the Lore (Zombies 13). Given the typical population of Kingsmouth if I broadcast locally I’d be unlikely to get anyone capable of standing in the line. Or do messages show up globally?

Finding this out could help with some other achievements as a number of the ones still I don’t have require a group. Summoning Cicatris for instance, requires a group of 5 even though I’m pretty sure it would be a fairly easy solo fight at this point.


Message in the general chat of each zone show up globally (within that zone) so for ppl in Polaris dungeon or other instances of kingsmouth for example. However your best bet is going to Agartha and posting in LFG channel (which can be added using the + symbol in your chat box)

Also yes it is soloable especially at your IP but will require the right build to do so.


I joined a group for Res Joe a couple of days ago, a kind soul did a shout out in Agartha global to check if anyone needed the lore and invited. They set up a raid group, so we could spill over to a second group so all could join.

Not sure how soloable it would be, he hit pretty hard. I was running Blood/Shotgun IP 536, there were 5 others in the groups and it still took us 15 - 20 seconds to kill him.

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Just about anything is soloable with the right build. Especially if hes willing to equip a hammer offhand but for the sake of community involvement the raid Idea sounds much better.


Since is hasn’t been mentioned yet, #sanctuary chat in-game is also a great way to recruit people.


My build weapons are: Chaos Mythic 12, Pistol Mythic 6. I don’t have any other Mythic level weapons and I’ve never used any other weapons in combat so I don’t have any levels in them.

So a hammer offhand would be a green weapon with no levels in it.

My build is straight from the “how to build all weapons” post elsewhere so it’s really designed for solo PvE story content.

I have killed several other Powerful Champions solo, e.g. the Village Eater. But Joe looks like he hits a lot harder from that video.

I have resisted grouping as my gaming tends to happen at odd times and I don’t want to let others down. But at this point I’ve finished the story so far, and I’m just grinding achievements.

OK I’ll do the Agartha shout over the weekend and see what happens.

There is often someone willing to help, whether or not they still need the kill themselves =). If you are on the SWL discord, then you can also try ask there ^^

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A little bit of followup data:

This would be the first time for me grouping in SWL (actually second, but the other time we ended up not actually doing anything with the group). The only time I’ve grouped in an MMO and done anything was Guild Wars (I) which required you to group for one mission to get out of the starter zone.

So I really have no experience grouping at all. Joe does not look like a novice fight - there’s gathering the bits and then it looks (see below) like you actually need some tactics other than Zerg rush to beat him if you want everyone to still be alive at the end of the fight to get the Lore.

Since I wasn’t sure about grouping for Joe I tried soloing the Slaughterhouse General in the Carpathian Fangs. That is also a tough fight and he has about the same health as Joe from what I can tell.

I lasted about 30 seconds and got him down to about 75% health. He just hits really hard and didn’t use anything in the way of interruptible powers.

From the Youtube video Joe has the same tactics - hit really hard, no real powers.

OTOH I was at default Anima Allocation (90% damage/10% protection). It’s possible that if I were using a tank-like allocation instead that I might have lasted long enough to kill him.

I suspect tactics for both would involve trading who takes the hits, or having one tank with a lot (I mean a lot) of protection and enough damage to keep focus. Neither foe seems to produce debuffs, they just take a lot off your health with each swing.

If you’ve got a hammer and a chaos focus, it’s pretty simple to use a sustain tank build to tank Joe.

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But do invite other people along; it deepens the dream. Err, I mean it speeds the fight up…

I was able to kill with Ar and hammer. I just add pain suppression and thick skin for protect. Then kill him with power ability and grenade.

I’ll help out if you want :slight_smile: . Throw me an invite when online.

Most also seem to forget the anima well is right next to the Joe fight, so if you die it’s not really a big problem to get back into it - unless he wipes all & reset, haha. Same thing for the lore, of course.

Well I did it.

My timing could have been better. I sent the message out and wondered why only a couple of people responded. After I grouped and we were waiting, one of them said the Gatekeeper raid had just opened.


Anyway we had a raid of 5 (is that called a raidlet?). I was IP 553 and two of the others were also in the 500’s. I didn’t get the last two IP but probably similar.

Joe lasted about 8 seconds.

One of the others mentioned that she had tried soloing him with IP in the 400s and was killed very quickly.

So: definitely group for Joe.

Among other things: he didn’t really have the chance here, but if he does concentrate on you and you’re part of a group then even if you die, you can get back in the fight and get the lore as long as he doesn’t wipe the group.

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A little late of a post but I recently took on Ressurection Joe solo. Having the Ophanium of the Awakening (took a mjority of heath), IP 673 (legendary fist) Chaos (mythic) secondary did the trick. My anima allocation was set to (76D, 17S, 17H) to provide support for the attack and healing up. It is doable. Had to dance around the headstones to keep distance and attacks.

Hope this helps in the future.