Trouble getting past Crawling Prayer in "My Bloody Valentine"

Can’t seem to beat this boss. My DPS is reasonably high and I’ve knocked down the pillar and climbed over it to avoid the filth, and followed online advice on Reddit and Crygaia to avoid the stage and drive it off the central altar, but its hp barely goes down and once it gets to one of the side platforms it fills the hall and covers the pillar with filth and if I run to the outskirts where I’m safe it fully heals to start the cycle over.

Any further advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

I’m not sure i correctly imagine how you are doing this fight, so i’ll just try write out how i do it.

At start of fight go to the center stage and fight him there, until it starts doing the big AoE that forces you to hide behind a pillar. Go behind 1 of the pillars closest to the side of the stage and hide. Beat the pillar and crawl over it to the boss. Here DPS him until he leaves for center stage again. Now rinse and repeat.

When you say he fills the pillar with filth, is that from the AoE he is slowly starting while he is standing on the side of the stage? Never had my DPS low enough to have that AoE fire at all, and my Healer has always been struggling with solo content.