Sava Savanovic - how do you defeat this monster in DA?

Encountered SS as first monster in DA today (fighting at E9). Impossible to defeat.

Any tips on successfully fighting this monster very welcome. Also what weapons/abilities/gadgets are needed to ensure victory?

Well, depending on what modifiers it has, you need different things. It will always do the drain thing, I think, so interrupting that is an option, on a big platform you can move him out of blood fonts if he spawns them otherwise you also have to interrupt those. Other than that, the usual, set a bit more def aa for purging hits mod, don’t stand in poo poo, etc, etc. Controlling mod that slows you also deals bonus dmg based on how far you are so if it’s up you can hug it closer.

Outside of having to dodge out of blood threshold to get into toxic spores circle I can’t recall any issues I had with this boss, tbh, it’s pretty straightforward.

what is your build and weapons?

Thanks for reply.

Pistol (calamitous inspiration red lvl 48) Anima Chaos Focus (red lvl 2) Have clean slate, invoke self, evulsion.

Never realised you could move the boss out of the blood fonts.

I use pistols offhand for Kill Bind and Clean Slate + passive. Drain will apply debuffs to you, so you could try tanking through it by using CS to heal to full from low hp because of the passive, or you can use Kill bind to interrupt it. Also you can use Electrogravitic Attractor gadget I think its called to interrupt font or drain. Also you could try using osmium configuration gadget to tank the hits. Alternatively cleansing drone helps to deal with dots on you, but it’s not very useful on that particular boss.

I don’t know if using invoke self is a good idea, I guess it can be, but at 60 seconds cooldown osmium is just better to tank some hits because it’s not scaled with your hp like temp hp of your doubles from IS is.

Many thanks :smile: