Help with Tragedy Misdirect

I have a question on Tragedy, the winter champion in Kingsmouth. I am clearly missing something important about Tragedy’s misdirect power. Once it starts, it never seems to end. I don’t see anyone else complaining about this, so it must be me as opposed to a bug. Does anyone have any tips on getting passed misdirect?

The misdirect buff does fall off naturally, (it can’t be purged,) but it does have a long duration. If you’ve got the option of healing using fist or blood during that time, that’s a good option, but if it gets cast then you’ve basically got to wait it out.

The best approach is to interrupt the cast - using a gadget is best, because the cast time is short and you don’t need to worry about global cooldown for gadgets. It’s normally possible to burn him down before he recasts it, but if you can’t then you may need a second interrupt.


You can see a counter above mob’s hp bar that indicates how long left, it’s something about 10 sec iirc. You sure it never ends or you just being impatient? Also impairing helps a lot ^

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The buff is up VERY often, I agree with that. Some options given above, but what I did was to go 50/50 DD/heal with AR heals abilities and power through it.

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Thanks for the replies, everyone. I will adjust my build and try again!

If it helps, there is a car nearby that you can use to break line of sight so it can’t attack you while misdirect is up (useful if you flub the interrupt or need to buy some time to heal up/recover energy/wait out cool down). Also note that the particle effect lasts slightly longer than misdirect itself, so don’t rely on the aura to tell you when it is safe.