Crystalized Flame disappears?

Has anyone hit the situation where Crystalized Flame disappears, sometimes after only a second or so? If so, does anyone have any idea what causes it? I originally hypothesized that it was because if you use a GTAOE effect on a target and the target dies, it cancels the remainder of the effect (this is easily seen with something like Overload, which will skip the third blast if the original target is dead). But CF seems to disappear even if it’s explicitly ground targeted, and even if nothing dies. I haven’t been able to isolate the circumstances that cause it to happen. Anyone have any insight?

I’ve seen it pretty consistently myself. No clue how to reproduce however.

Doesn’t seem to happen with Blizzard, as a note. I don’t use the other two Crystalline abilities, though.

I can tell you how to reproduce. It is actually quite controllable when it happens. When you place Crystallized flame and follow it up with another ability or dodge as soon as you can, the animation will disappear. If you however take a small break after the cast, the animation stays solid. Lately been seeing it with Blizzard too, but might not have noticed it earlier, because i havent used it much since that bug occured.

While the bug is neat in some situations, it is very inconvenient in other situations. Conventient that you can hide it when trying to see other ground effects. Inconvenient when your partner(s) in Scen or Dungeons can’t find it to drag mobs into it.

Yep, and same issue exists with wings - if one dodge rolls immediately upon the cast of the wing ability ending, then there will be nothing in the ground, and no wings in the back - pretty much no animation. The damage will still be there though.

Awesome, thank you for the help. I’ll spend some time on the training dummies tonight testing.