Elementalism Crash


Elementalism abilities still cause game crashes. Most notably Crystalised Flame (can be mine or other players).


I encounter the exact same problem using the exact same skill. It has become a major gripe for me especially when doing E10 scenarios. You can contact tech support about this although my progress with them has so far been to rule out outdated OS, outdated graphics card driver and poor internet connection. I’m still working with them to identify the cause while I continue to experience the crashes from casting Crystallised Flame.


Same here.

That and any “screen warping” effects crash me very consistently. By that I mean the effect that happens with explosions and other things. The Fired Up ability in TSW does it, for reference. I’m not sure if any play abilities do it, but I do know a lot of boss fights involve it. Like bomb adds in Darkness War. I crash a lot in there.


I am mainhand elemental user and while I’ve certainly had my share of crashes I cannot claim the cause to be CF.

However, I did have this happen to me a few days ago during a Scenario. My graphics all suddenly glitched and I played this way all through the second wave + final boss.

Groovy man.


Still crashing…


Are you using any mods, such as “Advanced Weapon UI”?

A lot of the game’s crashes have been traced back to (default) UI code, and were subsequently fixed in patches. However, mods which haven’t been updated with the changes from patches could still be using old, crash-prone code.


i have 3 character total using elem and got random crash too
when they happen its always at the same exact moment. when casting the crystallised flame
when you start going up in the air during cast animation

i use some addon but nothing related to weapon as advanced weapon ui
except reticule HUD but already tested without it and crash still occur