Elementalism Crash

Elementalism abilities still cause game crashes. Most notably Crystalised Flame (can be mine or other players).

I encounter the exact same problem using the exact same skill. It has become a major gripe for me especially when doing E10 scenarios. You can contact tech support about this although my progress with them has so far been to rule out outdated OS, outdated graphics card driver and poor internet connection. I’m still working with them to identify the cause while I continue to experience the crashes from casting Crystallised Flame.

Same here.

That and any “screen warping” effects crash me very consistently. By that I mean the effect that happens with explosions and other things. The Fired Up ability in TSW does it, for reference. I’m not sure if any play abilities do it, but I do know a lot of boss fights involve it. Like bomb adds in Darkness War. I crash a lot in there.

I am mainhand elemental user and while I’ve certainly had my share of crashes I cannot claim the cause to be CF.

However, I did have this happen to me a few days ago during a Scenario. My graphics all suddenly glitched and I played this way all through the second wave + final boss.

Groovy man.

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Still crashing…

i have 3 character total using elem and got random crash too
when they happen its always at the same exact moment. when casting the crystallised flame
when you start going up in the air during cast animation

i use some addon but nothing related to weapon as advanced weapon ui
except reticule HUD but already tested without it and crash still occur

Bumping because this is still a problem and seems to have gotten worse in recent weeks/months. My cabal has started to ban CF from being used in dungeons and it has significant impact on the number of crashes we experience. When we had 2-3 DPS using CF every boss we were getting at least one crash per dungeon. Once we banned CF we experience perhaps one or two crashes in a night of 8 or 10 dungeons.

The crash is also not tied to the person using CF. I crash often when CF is cast, but I am a tank not using Elementalism at all. Banning CF in our dungeon runs results in fewer crashes for me.

Want more? I never crash when running solo. Doing missions or scenarios by myself and I never crash. Join a group for a lair and 5 people are using CF I start crashing left and right. Cabal-mate switched to Elementalism for his Occult Defense build and went from no crashes to suddenly crashing all the time in scenarios.

That’s how CF is balanced. It’s like when Guild Wars would delete your account if you let the Shadow Form enchantment end.

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Casting Crystallised Flame with Crystallised Blaze would also cause me to crash occasionally. As soon as I stopped using this ability, my client stopped crashing. Whether others in my group or raid cast it has no effect on my client’s stability, though.

For the longest time I didn’t know it was CF causing the crashes. Not long ago, @Szalord pointed out this fact during a dungeon run and I’ve been keeping an eye out. Now I notice that a CF appears onscreen half a second before ALL crashes in the past two weeks.

This happened right after the first boss “the scorpion” in the hotel scenario.
Using Elementalism as a primary. However, the boss was down and everything was cooling down when the screen suddenly ‘flipped’. The timing was about the same time as the Elementalism buff that one gets from the Voltaic Shunt. (about 3 - 5 seconds after the last cast ability). I had enough time to move from the back courtyard into the doorway and activate sprint.
See attached. (If I wanted to play with this kind of thing, I’d be wearing those crappy 3-D glasses from the 80s, and stoned on LSD!) Please fix this $#!+.
(I’d attach a screenshot, but apparently, I’m too new and they don’t trust me to post something on-topic that makes them look bad.) The image is the same as the previous screenshots.

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That’s not at all what we’re discussing in this thread. That’s a separate issue that isn’t related to Elementalism, it’s a well known issue, it’s been around for years, and it won’t be fixed probably ever. :confused:

Funny… Main hand Elemantilsim user.
Running Scenerio and graphics glitched.
Using Crystallized Flame / Crystallized Blaze
My screenshot is the same as Zekrin’s.
Not using addons as Naat, but same casting situation.
You’re still having the same thing happening after 7 months (2 days ago)
Similar to what DumbOx describes.

Hmmm… I don’t get where you think it’s not what is being described in the tread. I want what you’re drinking darxide!

You’re describing a visual bug. This thread is about the game crashing from using elementalism.

That being said, I still crash. It’s never been fixed, although it doesn’t happen as frequently as before to me. Doesn’t matter if I use addons or not.

I’m wondering if the visual bug is causing the crashes in some occurrences.
That would be a connection between the video effect of some elementalism abilities, and the GPU/Video glitch causing system to “crash”. Maybe a link. Maybe not. But not unreasonable. (Finally got the ability to link the image.)

I’m drinking water. You should try it and lay off of the Draino.

That visual bug is tied to scenarios, though you can get it in relation to the mushrooms in SC and in SF as well. It’s been around for five or however many years since Issue 8 released on TSW. It has nothing to do with the weapon you use. It is also not a crash. You couldn’t be more lost. At least you have Xekrin to keep you company. :stuck_out_tongue:

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The visual bug has no effect on the crash.

You crash immediately during the cast animation of Crystalised Flame (hands in air). It doesn’t matter if it’s you or someone else using it.

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Strange my group or me are never get a crash with Crystalised Flame, I play main ele and two peeps play offhand ele…

It’s different for each person. Some crash more often than others. I think whatever the graphic effect from CF that’s causing the crash is playing badly with whatever drivers you have. Whatever video card, driver, and driver version you have aren’t as susceptible. From my experience, most people have problems with CF. It’s just a question of how often.

Been having that crash for a very long time. It’s a shame because this seems to me like the only major crash issue left in the game. This problem has been acknowledged by Funcom a while ago, but they probably don’t know how to fix it.