Lots of crashes


So, ever since that one patch way back whenever that fixed whatever was wrong with Elementalism that was causing all those crashes I started getting crashes. A lot. Every day. Before that “fix” I had no problems. I am not Elementalism, but I never got crashes.

After the “fix” I crash every 3rd or 4th boss in a dungeon while tanking with SG/Hammer. Recently, I switched to Hammer/Chaos and guess what? No crashes. I did hear at one point that fire effects were causing crashes. Well, shotgun has fire effects, namely Dragon’s Breath shells.

Wonder if that’s still the problem?


I would be surprised if shotgun has some issues. Playing it myself on a potato pc. It still could be some weird interaction between a specific hardware/software and the game but I don’t think it’s a general issue with the weapon.


I haven’t experienced any trouble with shotgun. It could be something happening with your specific setup as Leogrim suggests. It could also be something with your particular build though (gear included). During beta my specific combination of Elemental abilities and a certain talisman, caused whatever server i was on to crash completely. However it was under the condition that the server was loaded with stress from other players being around too.


Aside from the occasional ‘SWL crashes because SWL crashes’ (the usual suspects, like crash on exit (still around btw), leaving NYR, opening the agent system before they patched that), I can’t say I’m having many problems. Two or three crashes I couldn’t link to a ‘common’ issue since launch, and I’ve been using shotgun literally from day 1.

So… probably not shotgun that’s your problem.


Same here. For me, the only new crashes since the introduction of the agent system occur only at or directly after zoning. However, these crashes started indeed after the patch they pushed out on a Friday.