Game Crashes when I first log in and Press P

I log in get my daily rewards then do other stuff then I press P and the game crashes. I log in again and press P and all is Ok. i have sent a crash report but heard nothing back.

Can you help please?

Despite a minor patch trying to address this issue, when opening the agent menu on my first character logged in after applying the patch, I crashed. I had just used and dismissed the daily login reward for subscribers but the daily challenges window was still open.

I think ill just close everything from now on and /reloadui prior to even thinking of opening the agent window.

It’s less fixed than more made less common. The underlying system (scaleform) is just…not good…but changing it would mean to much work which would delay everythign since it would mean reworking the WHOLE UI and without it you would get garbage UI without any pretty graphics of which there are a lot in use.

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We have a new version in testing which should alleviate the crash issue for many users. The plan is to roll it out tomorrow morning.


It’s probably stupid, but…

I’ve made a habit of opening and closing inventory and journal before trying to open the agent page.

Haven’t crashed a single time since i do that.

Is it possible something in the agent interface is taking a long time to load, and doesn’t like being called before it is done?

Thanks for the heads up :smile:

Depending on when you started doing this. I believe the last patch included some changes to the Agent UI that should make it less likely to have crashes, albite not fix it completely.

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Been doing it since way before the patch.

Forgot once yesterday evening.


If something related to the agent UI does tend to still load in the background when we appear ‘zoned in’ in-game, it really might be worth looking at that as a factor in these crashes.

And this is after today’s patch?

After yesterday’s. Couldn’t try today’s yet. Loooong day at the office, with more actual work than usual, to boot.

Ah, okay. Well, good luck at work - please keep us posted if you run into any more crashes after today’s patch. :slight_smile:

I have issue every time I logging into the game to play the game I get kicked off completely and back at my Xbox home screeen and yes I have redid my Xbox like 12 times every I log I same

Check here: You’re in a thread about Secret World Legends.

Conan Exiles has necromancers now? Dang, I’m almost tempted to buy it…

On the actual topic: Have noticed occasional crashes still occuring, though I can’t be sure if it’s a problem with the base UI or the AgentTweaks mod. It is very infrequent and, as it no longer breaks agent xp rewards, is only a minor annoyance.