Crashing [15 chars]

Never had any issue like this before. I’m a Steam player. I’ve crashed twice so far this morning. No error messages, it just goes away completely.

First time when I was logging in, I went to roll the camera in 3 mouse wheel clicks, as I do every time I come in, and it crashed between the 2nd and 3rd roll.

Second time, after I logged back in, and did all my agent duties, upgrading, getting daily reward, changing my outfit for the day, then headed to BF to do my first round of dailies. Headed up top to talk to Ms. IsThisNotWhatYouSignedUpFor?, and as soon as I clicked the mission, I crashed again.

Update: Well it let me stay in the 3rd time. I’ll run a ‘Repair Broken Data’ now that I’m out, just in case, but hopefully it was just a fluke. :slight_smile:

Hey there - definitely not an expert on this, but I think I’ve seen folks talking about running the game in windowed mode (vs full screen) helping. You might want to search for other messages on crashing. Maybe you’ll find some helpful info there.

The problem is that crashing in this game is so random that there’s not really a way to troubleshoot it. I seem to get at least one random crash every day and it seems to be at completely arbitrary times - sometimes switching builds, sometimes zoning, sometimes chatting, sometimes just standing around doing nothing. Since I’ve always had a problem with random crashes, I can’t say for certain that it’s more prevalent lately, but I have heard from others that it’s becoming more of an issue for them.

I run the game in windowed mode, and I Repair Broken Data fairly frequently, so I don’t think that’s really a solution. Random crashing is just one of the “features” of the game.

I believe it is an issue I sometimes have were the game automatically closes, sometimes midcombat.
I suspect the issue is with the afk-protection and the ability of the game to close itself without playerinput. Like something sends the wrong signal and the game thinks it was commanded to close.
If it was a normal crash you would get the crashwindow or in some crash cases the system, game would get stuck/freeze.

If you updated your NVIDIA drivers to latest you may want to try to rollback to March ones as those are the last confirmed to work properly. That solved crashing issues to a lot of people in the last weeks.
At least that is what I heard ingame.

Thanks all for the input! Today went smoothly, but I’ll refer back and consider these things if it happens again.