My game suddenly keeps crashing

I’ve had no problems until now.
I got to the point in the story missions where I had to enter Dracula’s tomb. Soon after I entered the graveyard, my game crashed. No error message besides the one windows gives when it needs to shut down a program. I logged in again, made it a few steps forward and then it crashed. Again no other message than the one windows gives. And this time the game wouldn’t even go past the launcher, so after a few tries, I restarted my computer and tried again. Logged in, crashed. Logged in, managed to put the key into the door, crashed. Logged in, opened the door and got far enough to progress to the next tier of the story, and another crash. Tried one more time and couldn’t even get past the loading screen this time.

Not a single one of these crashes came with any sort of error message besides the “windows closed down the priogram” one, and I haven’t had any problems before now nor have I done any changes to my computer or graphics in between this and last I played.

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Are you using an NVIDIA card? There seems to have been an update to windows recently which has meant that some NVIDIA drivers have become unstable when they were fine for ages.

For example, the version 432 drivers seem to now be crashing for many people. You can try changing to the 436.15 driver and see if that helps.


I’ll give it a try. Thank you.

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Just in case, here is how I got around it -
I was getting constant crashes when I recently installed the game. I went into the directory and found the executable (with dx11 in the name since I want direct x 11 instead of 9) and I started running that as administrator. The crashes have resolved. I didn’t have to touch the nvidia drivers, I’m still on the latest.

I sent the executable to the desktop as a shortcut and have been running it from there as admin every time. If I forget, it crashes within 5 minutes.


A bit of an update; I went to check the drivers as you suggested and noticed that there was a new update. I figured I might as well see if Nvidia had become aware of the problem and tried to fix it themselves. The one it downloaded was 441.41 and so far it’s been stable.

Hopefully it stays that way. Thank you for the help.


Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll keep it in mind. But downloading Nvidia’s version 441.41 seems to have fixed the problem for me. For now, at least.


Doesn’t Nvidia show in Program files anymore?..….lol It isn’t showing in my Installed files via Control Panel - BUT it does have it’s files on my HD - this is WEIRD!

If your game is crashing in between the game and you are using Nvidia then it clearly means the Nvidia drivers have crashed due to which your game is getting interrupted.
First of all, Use Windows 10 DirectX Diagnostic Tool to fix the game from crashing.
If this doesn’t work then you need to fix the Nvidia drivers crashing issue and after that the crashing in-game will get solved automatically.

  1. Try Disabling the ATKFUSService
  2. Stop the Automatic Driver Updates
    Check whether these two workarounds help you to fix the crashing issue or not.
    Good Luck…