The Game crashing constantly

Constantly the game falls.
In an hour it falls about 5 times.
It is very difficult to play like this.

Please fix it, please.

So… Could really help providing some details. There are plenty known issues.
Any chance you have Nvidia graphic card? It’s known issue for nvidia drivers, not really game problem. Do you have newest drivers? Can be fixed by rolling back to pre-425, or 436 was reported as stable too. Or try newest if you have something in between. Can also try to switch between DirectX versions.
If not - anything in common between crashes maybe? Like, idk, anyone casting Crystallized Flame nearby?

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I have updated to version 441.87 of nVidia and the game, for now, still works without falling.
I will continue to verify and inform.
Thank you

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I have verified that with version 441.87 of the nVidia controllers, the game has not been reset and works perfectly.
Thank you