Game crashing constantly ... well ... until i revived these ... feel free to test

As previously in TSW … I reassembled the old Dlls packages … for those new to the install process you can copy paste the Dlls into your SWL install folder run the installer and voilà …

The files are hosted here .


Does this fix the crashes known to be caused by the last couple of NVIDIA driver updates?

My Drivers are 430.86 from May 27th 2019

Good to know! 425.31 was the last stable version as far as SWL is concerned.

GTX 1050Ti, latest drivers, I rarely crash. Any chance these would improve anything for me?

Install folder is just the SWL folder?

Does the file need to be unzipped?

Using this the old way (run the launcher, run the installer, run the game) doesn’t seem to produce positive results on my system. It’s i5-3470 (3.2GHz) + GF1060 with 398.36 drivers. FPS drops during fights/UI events didn’t go away, average FPS went down. Situation with crashes didn’t change, still don’t have them, so that’s a plus.

Intend to check with 425.31 drivers later.

I just threw it in the SWL folder… we’ll see how that goes.

And… Thank you. I’ve been crashing too much lately. Two or three times consecutively… just for logging in.

I’m here to complain. This fix worked like a charm few weeks for me, I had few crashes but nothing big. then I had (long planned) OS reinstall, I installed newest drivers again, installed this fix… and then just kept crashing whole evening.  ̄へ ̄

Hi, I’m having the same issue, but the link to these files seems to be broken. Any chance this could be revived?