Frequent crashing the last few months on SWL

Pretty much since the beginning of this year my game has been randomly crashing while I play. Most times the game just stops, no error or anything and suddenly I am at my desktop. Sometimes I get a runtime Error! popup that says an error happened in SecretWorldLegendsDX11.exe, I have a screenshot, but since I newly created an account it will not allow me to upload.

Windows 10 Home
16GB memory
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 TI

Are there any recommendations for what I can do to help stop these crashes? I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game through steam just in case.

Edit: Just to add, I make sure my graphics driver is up to date, currently it is 445.87

Two things:
A. Changing DX version does wonders for people. For some DX9, for some DX11 runs better. Trying it out could lead to a better performance crashwise.

B. Nvidia Drivers and the game don’t go along well. As such newest drivers can be detrimental for the stability of the game. Sadly I am not Nvidia so I am out of the loop on what the stable drivers are. But if you give me a sec I can find it fast…436.15 is the latest known to me that runs stable. Could be there are newer ones that run stable (including yours) I can’t test that. Sry. D:

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I’ve been running 445.75 for a while with very few crashes, but I am on Windows 8.1 and a GTX 1070 so that will make a difference…

as @Leogrim notes above 436.15 is the one that most people have reported stability with, but @Pilchenstein has rightly expressed concerns that there are some security flaws that Nvidia have patched out that that driver does not contain. Switching DX9/11 running version does work for a lot of people, I switched to 9 for a while before 436 driver, but have found that I could switch back to 11 subsequently.

Good luck!


Hm ok, Ill see what I can do! Thank you for the replies!

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I turned on compatibility mode. My crashing has really reduced.