Game crashes after about 20 minutes ingame

This just started happening to me this week, other than game updates I’ve got the 2019-11 KB4523205 cumulative windows update, and NVIDIA Display update (driver version 432.00) recently.

It takes about 20 minutes and then the game just exits, yesterday I got through Dark Agartha and 2 missions, today it was Dark Agartha and 1 mission, then it crashed again after doing another mission and changing zone.

I’d put good odds on it being the display driver so I’m gonna go to a more recent one, but Windows seems to be forcing older versions up to this one now so if anyone else sees this maybe it’s helpful.

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Good call on the public service announcement, 432 was stable for a long time but then started to crash too.

I’ve updated to 436.15 (as recommended by JimmyTheRabbit on Discord) and that seems to be stable so far.

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Do you use DX11? I used to crash like crazy on my old laptop with DX11, so I kept it in DX9. For some reason, when I noticed I was crashing often, I would check and my game had randomly switched to DX11 on its own. If you do have to use 9 just be sure it didn’t change to 11 somehow.

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@Onevia Friends have been saying all their settings have been returned to default after the recent restart (includes key bindings, UI, inventory bags, window border), so it definitely could be back to DX11.

I tried 441.41 (most recent) and that seems stable so far.

I’ve always played SWL in dx11 and probably gonna continue that way.