Game crashes after about 20 minutes ingame

This just started happening to me this week, other than game updates I’ve got the 2019-11 KB4523205 cumulative windows update, and NVIDIA Display update (driver version 432.00) recently.

It takes about 20 minutes and then the game just exits, yesterday I got through Dark Agartha and 2 missions, today it was Dark Agartha and 1 mission, then it crashed again after doing another mission and changing zone.

I’d put good odds on it being the display driver so I’m gonna go to a more recent one, but Windows seems to be forcing older versions up to this one now so if anyone else sees this maybe it’s helpful.

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Good call on the public service announcement, 432 was stable for a long time but then started to crash too.

I’ve updated to 436.15 (as recommended by JimmyTheRabbit on Discord) and that seems to be stable so far.

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I tried 441.41 (most recent) and that seems stable so far.

I’ve always played SWL in dx11 and probably gonna continue that way.


It started happening to me the last few days. The game freezes and just closed randomly.

I’ve been crashing for a week now. It doesn’t matter if it’s DX9 or DX11, the results are still the same. The only difference is, is that on DX11 it takes 40 minutes to an hour before the crashes start. Verses the 20-40 minutes on DX9. The game is getting close to being unplayable and there is nothing on my end I can do about it. I have updated everything possible and it is still highly unstable.

Just an update; this game still crashes like nobody’s business, and it doesn’t just happen to me.

I did a full factory reset a couple days ago.

I lose most of my fights in DA because of the crashes.

Running dungeons isn’t worth the hassle, because I’ll crash anywhere from 1-3 times running one.

This cemented for me that I’m definitely NOT renewing my patron sub in February.

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Which nvidia driver version are you using?

I don’t use Nvidia.

So AMD then? It’s total guess work, but I’d assume that AMD have potentially got the same problems as some of the nvidia drivers, did you update your gfx drivers around the time that the crashes started (or got worse if they’ve been going on a long time)?

A full factory reset wouldn’t help if it turned out that the latest drivers are what’s giving you grief, (or rather the game’s interaction with those drivers).

For what little it’s worth, I own an AMD RX 590 with the 19.11.3 Radeon graphics driver installed from November 18th, and I have never experienced this radical instability playing Secret World Legends that owners of Nvidia GPUs have suffered with for several months now. I only ever crash if I or someone else uses Crystalised Flame and Crystalised Blaze.

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