Crashes game randomly

Hello, things were working fine until a couple days ago when I started to log in and play around in about 5 minutes the came would crash and take me back to my desktop screen no error or anything. As time went on I just tried to log in again into the world and was waiting for the loading screen to load and about half way it crashed again. Its happening sooner and sooner and is not giving an error.

Did you recently update your graphics drivers?

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That may actually be the cause of your crashes then (a bit counter intuitive!). The recent NVidia drivers have caused a load of instability in several games - think it’s pre version 425 that are stable.

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oh, dang, that would explain why its happening to my other game swtor! Is there anything i can do that you know of or do I just have to wait for an update? Thanks

You can reinstall older version drivers :confused: Nvidia knows it’s happening, but haven’t shown any sign of rolling out a fix as yet (and it’s been a while now).

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right on, thank you!

actually i found out there was another update a couple days ago and I just updated and it seems to be working better thanks!