Game Crashing to Desktop

Installed the non-steam SWL client today and it installed and it started up ok, but once in game, after 2-3 mins it just drops me to the desktop. I get no error messages or obvious reasons why. Everything seems to run smoothly up to that point and the game looks great.

I am not entirely sure where to look or where the logs might be that might give an idea of the problem?

Do you by any chance have a NVidia graphic card?

Yes. a GTX 1080. Running the latest driver (430.86)

I’m afraid that’s the source of your issue. The latest NVIDIA drivers cause severe instability with SWL at the moment. If you don’t need the drivers for anything else, I’d highly suggest rolling back to at least 425 until a fix is available!

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Ah ok. I tend to always keep everything as up to date as I can as that usually solves more than it breaks but I guess this time it’s not the case.

Thanks for your help.

Would this also explain why dialogue boxes are popping up off screen? When I targeted someone to invite then to my group, pressed F, the menu was off the bottom right corner - I could just about make out that it was there but couldn’t read or select anything. It doesn’t appear to be a UI thing that you can move.

I’ll try rolling back the driver as I’d really like to play this. I don’t think I have anything that recent that may need the latest driver but can update it later again I guess when this is fixed.

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