SWL Crashes Windows

Recently returned. Was hoping to enjoy some SW atmosphere/community but is currently so dated it’s unplayable, stability-wise.

The game runs just fine, (massive FPS drops when running into new areas notwithstanding), but within about an hour it crashes windows. Not ‘to windows’ it actually crashes windows.

It usually happens when I’m doing something inventory or ability related. The game turns unresponsive. I’m still able to move the mouse from screen to screen. Control + Alt +Delete does nothing, but I’m able to mouse over to the other screen and get task manager up from the taskbar. In the task manager the awesomium process is nowhere to be found and its usually around this time I get a little popup saying windows is not responding, and would I like to shut it down?

Then, regardless of my choice or lack-of, (or even if the windows popup doesn’t happen), I go to black screens where I’m pretty sure windows is dead- but like before I still have the mouse.

My specs are
Windows 10 Home on m2 HDD
Geforce 1070ti
Ryzen 5 2600x
12 gigs of kickass ram

Running SWL in DirectX 11. I didn’t experiment with DX9 as experiencing this bug a few times was enough for me and seems bigger than a DX issue, have uninstalled SWL for now. May try again in the future when it doesn’t seem like a meltdown catalyst, (or if some helpful soul knows exactly what’s happening and how to fix it.)

Everybody had a 2 crashes today. You are not the only one. It was not your fault. It should be fine by now. It does not require a reinstall.