Multiple crashes today

I just started playing SWL last night. Worked fine. Today, I crashed on start up. Worked on second time. Crashed when I got to Illuminati HQ (I don’t know what the place is actually called). Restart and continue. Crashed when “leaving the building”. Three crashes in one day is excessive. Anyone else experience this?

Do you use Nvidia by chance? Some people have consistent crashes on certain versions of Nvidia. I sadly can’t help much with it, as i haven’t personally been affected (despite running Nvidia)

Yep, Nvidia. It’s absolutely perfect for just about any game I play, either SP or MP. Except this game. I tried switching to the DirextX 11 program and it seems to be working well. Thanks for the input.

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As @SinOfTheWolfs said, the problem is caused by never versions of the NVidia drivers. Version 425.31 was the last version that was fully stable with SWL. Anything after that is hit or miss depending on your specific configuration.

There has never been any driver that was “fully stable” with SWL tbh, it’s always going to crash. Using drivers that are a year old just to play one game is ludicrous advice :v:

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I actually crashed a couple of times lately after not getting them for a long time. Hoping a new one will come out that’s a bit better.

425.31 was the last driver that didn’t cause what we call Nvidia crashes, which manifest as random, often frequent drops to the desktop without any error messages.

That was a statement of fact, not a piece of advice. Of course you shouldn’t be running ancient drivers. But, as my follow-up said, anything after that version is hit or miss. Nobody can tell how well a given version will work on a certain system unless they try it.

My driver is further on than that. Okay, I’ll probably just have to deal with the crashes. It’s always interesting to hear reasons why things happen. Still makes it less likely I’d invest money in a game that crashes a lot. Then again, maybe they need that money to patch things. idk

Since I got a Radeon card I’ve had zero crashes, for what that’s worth to you.

I crash about three times a day with a Radion and I can live with that. It most often happens at the peak of a battle with events all over the screen. I used to crash a lot more but this reduced when I changed from dx11 to dx9. I won’t go back.