Driver Crashes After Screenshots

So I have had this happen a couple of times. Usually when I take a screenshot and tab out to send it to someone over Discord or Skype.

When I return to the game it has frozen and has the error message in the picture.


Except when the game is restarted my settings haven’t been changed. Any idea what the cause is or how I can stop this happening?

I’m not sure the error message is directly related to SWL. Looking up the error DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED i come across several different forums mentioning the issue for various games. One guy mentioned checking for virus. It seems it usually occure if your GPU overclocks or overheats.
Found an old post about the same back in TSW, one guy got around it by changing to Dx9 instead of Dx11.

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Thanks, I’ll have a good look at the computer. I’ve also updated my drivers since I last posted (forgot I had refreshed the PC so drivers etc were restored to default). No problems since.

Hopefully that should sort it out. Moral of the story. Update all drivers and check for viruses before posting :smiley:

Drivers being out-of-date can easily cause issues =) hope it keeps up o/