Returned to Game, CTDs every time I play now

I have played SWL off and on since its launch, and I have never before encountered this, but I cannot play for more than 20 minutes without getting a CTD. I am not terribly proficient with computers or debugging these sorts of things, but I found in the event log mention of Exception code: 0xc00000fd. Any ideas on what may be causing this?

I have my latest video driver update.


Sounds like the nvidia ram leak striking again.

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Also finding a consistent memory crash in Kaidan.

I can teleport from anywhere in game to Kaidan, and it is fine. My first teleport within Kaidan has consistently each day caused a swift teleport to my desktop with the error message.

Not figured out how to resolve yet.

That’s easy: don’t teleport within Kaidan :v:

Sorry, just had to. You left yourself wide open for that one.

Husband also just suggested I run my sides elsewhere lol :smiley: happy I feel so backed up with my problems today hehehe

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