Game Crashes Quickly/Immediately

Hi there,

since the last update, I seem to crash within 15-20 minutes of playing, and then upon further attempts to load up the game and play, in 30 seconds to 5 minutes. Repeatedly.

I haven’t uninstalled and re-installed the entire game yet, (because I’m hoping I don’t have to)… I have a fairly new gaming laptop which plays other MMORPGs without issue.

In addition, I still experience the same issue with sound that I’ve experienced for over a year now (another post/thread). Probably due to Realtek, as that seemed to be the commonality between myself and a few other people.

Are there any other troubleshooting options I can try before a complete reinstallation? Is there something particularly RAM-accessing or something in the latest patch?

Thanks a bunch.

EDIT: I just realized I did not specify my OS - Windows 10 Professional, Nvidia GTX 1050 (laptop version), intel i7 7th gen (i forget my specific GHz, had this laptop for close to 2 years).

Well… there is your problem.
I hate to say but you just have to deal with it. Game does not work well with modern rigs. Especially with Nvidia drivers. There are few tricks but in the end, you will still keep crashing. You see it if you type “crash” in Forum search…

I’ve gone down into that thread… just updated my NVidia drivers from 442.something to 445.something, hoping that helps. It’s too bad, because before this latest patch, I had no issues*. (And perhaps I was behind on patching because I hadn’t played in a few months…)

Wish there were better workarounds beside swapping to DX9 and/or windowed mode…

*with crashing. I’ve definitely had issues with sound, since February or Jan 2019.

Those are more performance tweaks then solutions to your crashes but with any luck maybe it helps. Was an old post closer to SWL launch but helped a number of ppl with there game running better.

If you’re dropping to the desktop without any error messages, you’re crashing because of an incompatibility with the NVIDIA drivers. 425.31 was the last version that was completely stable with SWL. Anything after that is hit or miss depending on your specific configuration.

After updating my driver last night to 445.75 from 442.something, I was able to play for a solid hour or so before I had to log off (no crash!). So I’m hoping it’s a stable driver for the game. *crosses fingers*

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