Crash after 10 minutes of play with no error message

My client dies after about 10 minutes without an error message. The game just dies and goes to desktop. Anyone else having similar trouble?

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Are you using an NVIDIA graphics card? And if so, which drivers?

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Sure do! Thankfully it has stopped with my new laptop. Even with Nvidia v. 425.31 and DX9 or 11 - still did it.

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Nvidia driver 432, it was working just fine till a few days ago. Something changed.

Yeah, I had to update my drivers yesterday. I’d been using 432 for a long long time without any crashes and suddenly it was dumping me out repeatedly.
Try 436.15 - that seems to have fixed it for me, hope it gets you sorted too!

You need to roll back on those drivers, not sure which version, but definitely not the current one.

@Ight8 Can you try to figure out the exact day it changed?

I spoke too soon. Earlier driver is better, but it still crashes every 10 minutes. It used to crash very rarely.

Rolled back to 7/24/19

I tried 436.15 and 40 minutes in, it seems to be working.

Back To The Same Problem.

436 was stable for a few days, but today I keep crashing to desktop.

Not all earlier drivers are stable with SWL, which driver version are you using?

Since today it started crashing me to desktop as well, do you confirm those drivers fixed it for you ?
I was using the same 432 so I will try updating to 436.15 …

Yup, I haven’t crashed since I updated to 436.15.

I’ve been crashing all day. I haven’t spent a total of 10 minutes in game, for logging in maybe 15 attempts. I just rolled back to the 436.15 version and lasted about 2 minutes longer in game before the game completely froze. I had to close the game from my Task Manager.

Is anyone else still crashing even after rolling back to the 436.15 driver?

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Neana mentioned she’d been crashing a lot with no warning lately - straight to desktop. I’ve been crashing one to two times a day with “warning”. I’m on version 441.41 and only started crashing a bit recently.

Thanks a lot drivers 436.15 seems to have fixed it for me.
They did so well that I don’t seem to see any CF crash too crosses figers knocks on wood