Game Crashing after launch

Hello. Maybe some one see this problem and know how fix it.
Every time I launch the game it crashes after 1 min no matter if I will do something or just stand game will crash.
My system: win 10 v1903 , I7-8700, RTX 2070 graphic card driver 431.
Please help =(
Best regards.

Roll back the driver to 425. The newer drivers have issues with the game.

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ow, ok I’ll try. Thanks

Don’t do this, drivers below 431.60 have security vulnerabilities:

Try switching to the DirectX 9 version in the video options. That worked for me.

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If you’re already on DX9, switching in the other direction might help. SWL has been odd like that from the very start; it appears to be more stable under DX9 for some, under DX11 for others.