Game keeps crashing


i have just started playing this game for 2 days now, and every so often the game will crash and just kick me out of the game, then i have to re load it to be able to play again, its been doing this none stop, and i don’t know how to fix the problem…

can anyone please help me, I am interested in this game, but if the problem keeps happening i will have to force myself to uninstall and never play again (i really don’t want to but will have to if push comes to shove)

Wall of text, sorry.

Lots of reasons why that happens for some people (me being one of them occasionally) especially if you are using an nvidia graphics card. Try running the game in administrator mode, that sometimes helps; did for me on Windows 8.1, anyway.

My friend, on Windows 10, has set all of the .exes in game directory to run as admin (braver than me), has set the AwesomiumProcess.exe to run in Windows 7 compatibility mode, and all the rest to run in Windows 8 compatibility mode.

There is also a “stable” nvidia driver that some people are using ( @Anaelurec what version were you recommending? ), but mine is currently running OK with the latest, so far.


I had the same issue, and for me the only thing that helped was to run the game using DirectX9 (and not 11).
Hope this helps!

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If your crashes are characterized by the game simply ceasing to exist at seemingly random times without a single error window, prompt, or dialogue whatsoever, and you have a NVIDIA video card, you most likely have what are often simply called the “NVIDIA crashes”.

NVIDIA crashes for Secret World Legends can occur on any NVIDIA video driver 430.39+. The last NVIDIA driver completely free of the crash issue where SWL is concerned is 425.31, which is also coincidentally the last NVIDIA driver to support 3D Vision, amongst other things.

Rolling back to 425.31 guarantees stability. 436.15 is also highly stable for a good majority of players, as well. Later driver version stability varies greatly between players, but some have success on the 441/442 line, and others are alright on 452.06. As of this post, I don’t yet have any substantial data on SWL-NVIDIA driver stability on versions later than 452.06.

If you are unable or unwilling to roll back, some players also find relief by swapping their client from DX11 to DX9. While you will lose some of the DX11-exclusive graphical options such as the admittedly very pretty SSAO, going to DX9 may help as a potential option if rolling back isn’t on the table for you.

I’m very sorry to hear you’re suffering these crashes! The root cause of the nefarious NVIDIA crashes is still being investigated.