DX9 Crashes and You!

So, uhm…Hi, you wonderful sentient entities, you! (Look at this political correctness. Pretty cool, huh?)

So, yeah, I guess the title is kinda self-explanatory. I’ve been experiencing issues with the DirectX9 client since the game launched (relaunched? reshaped itself into a gorgeous F2P thingie? you guys get the idea…). The game just crashes now and then when I use it, sometimes at random, other at somewhat fixed locations (such as the area of Kingsmouth Town with the little fight and the fountain you summon and fight a revenant at, or pretty much the whole of the Sunken Library).

Since we have these new forums, I thought “well, doesn’t hurt to ask, right?”, so I’d like to know if is this a known issue? Does it happen randomly to different people? Maybe it’s a “hey, your specs are kinda crappy” issue (wich they inda are, but they meet the minimum requirements, and used to run TSW just fine). Is there some kind of fix, or would I just have to wait for a patch or just buy better hardware?

I’m mainly asking because I can’t for my life get past the laser grid hallway bit of Venice Sinking on DX11 and it’s kinda DRIVING. ME. CRAZY.

Well, that was pretty much it. Thanks for reading! See you around!

P.S. : Not sure if this counts as a bug or if it should’ve gone to the Support category. Thought it’d be more appropiate here, though.

Hi :smiley:, you have what model of graphics card. Do you update it daily?

Well, I have an oldish laptop, so I’m stuck with the integrated Intel HD Graphics card. It’s been hardly an issue; asides from the crashes the DX9 version runs smoothly, and the DX11 has only a slighty low FPS, l wich is to be expected, since this oldish thing isn’t supposed to run DX11 anyways. The drivers are up to date, I think, though I’ll check again just in case :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I think the minimum requirements get a bit wonky for laptop. I play on a laptop myself and so far the experience while relative crash free wasn’t the best performing.
I know that generally DX11 makes more issues than DX9. I would definitly see if you can get some log data on the crashes and send that to http://help.funcom.com/

This is cool the old stuff :sourire: Understand that you have a discreet card as they say. Unless I’m wrong. You can force its use. I was blocking on my Intel. Now I’m on my AMD :souriant: