New nVidia update fixes crashes?

I’ve heard that the new drivers have fixed the repeating crash some players were experiencing. Can we get any confirmations from others in the community who were reporting this? Per Aeryl’s suggestion please include your card model and which version of DirectX you use!

Just upgraded my driver after reading this - it’s good unlike the last latest driver, I don’t crash on character select now. In game and running fine, no crashes at all.

Edit: I run DX11 for the client version and my card model is a 1070 if that helps

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Still downloading. Meanwhile, I think it would be helpful if those who have tried the new drivers already posted their client version (DX9 or DX11) and video card model and whether or not that combination is stable.

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We had someone become stable in discord after installing 436.15 but since I don’T have a nvidia card I couldn’t test.

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436.15 looks pretty stable to me so far. Windows 10 x64 1809, DX11 client, GTX 1060.

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I’d wish to test it more to tell more confidently. So far, Dx11, 1050Ti, Win10 x64, in first 1.5h session didn’t crash single time, then in 3h later crashed twice, on loading between London and NY, and then in middle of dungeon that could be CF crash but hard to say. 2 crashes is 2 more than it should be so I’ll keep testing my side.

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For you - maybe, but my client in normal circumstances crashes few times a week not a day.

In previous “bad” driver versions, I was getting CTDs within two minutes or less of starting up the game (often even on the character select screen). With the latest version, I was playing between an hour and a half or two hours with only one “normal” crash with the crash log window. 1060 and dx11 here. Will update if I do start getting crashes like before, but hopefully this one did it, finally.

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I quess these drivers make TSW stable too? If so…heck, I might install it.

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I’m still getting the occasional surprise drop to desktop every now and then in both TSW and SWL. But it’s not too bad.


I login everyday but I don;t play much so my statistics aren’t too reliable but since my last post I hadn’t single crash. Well at least I remember only one relog after retreating from NYR and that’s it. I’m still skeptical if everything is fixed but so far I’m positive.

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I know this a necro but I returned earlier this week. Before I couldn’t play on DX11 without crashing every 10 minutes. Now I haven’t had a crash in over 10 hours.

Not sure if Funcom or Nvidia actually done the work but for me (1660 Super, latest drivers) it’s fixed.

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I don’t think anyone will mind. That’s driver version 452.06 for those keeping score.


452.06 with DX11 and 2070 seems stable so far.


None of the updates have fixed the crashing for me on DX11. 452.06 and still crashes to desktop a minute or few in the game world.

DX9 works fine, but it’s such a damn shame to compromise the beautiful visual immersion this game offers. I’ve never finished the story so I guess I’ll keep pushing through but… just such a damn shame.

There might be other reasons then…

I have pretty good stability in both SWL and TSW, and I noticed that I dont have “blocky” water nor sand with DX11.

I do have noticed that when there is mediaplayer playing music same time I play, I do crash occasionally.

Its an old game, running Flash UI… beats me.

I have had a total of one crash since switching to an amd gpu several weeks ago, and I’m playing a lot more sessions than I was when my nvidia card would crash multiple times in one session.

If you’re not ready to upgrade: the old pull your cards and clean the contacts with rubbing alcohol trick might help some. Dust can work it’s way into card slots and intermittently break things.

Just to update, still on 1660 super and driver 456.38.

It seems the crashing on DX11 is heavy in certain areas. I went back to Kingsmouth to grind some dailies and am having crashes as often as I did before, but Egypt was crash free.

I’m about to update to the newest driver 456.38, but the one before (451.48) gave me more crashes than I’ve had in a long time on my newest laptop