Game crashes on "signing in" screen

I’ve downloaded the game through Xbox game pass for PC. The game starts and loads just fine, but when it prompts me to “press any button” and I do, the game crashes without any error codes.

I have tried reinstalling the game, repairing the game, restarting my PC… Nothing seems to help.

I’m having the same issue, if you find a solution please let me know. Thanks!

It’s exactly the same thing that happening for me.

Hello, do you have any save games to be synced from the XBOX?

Do you have the base game + expansion?

Can you also share your computer specs?

I have the base game + expansion, and played through the game first on Xbox. My specs are i7-9700k, RTX 2070, 32GB ram, Windows 10.

How many saves and sessions do you have on the XBOX?

If you have several saves, could you delete them down to one you would like to keep on the XBOX, then try to launch the game again?

Could you also share a crash log?

i have the same issue. does anyone have an update

I mentioned the problem at the microsoft help center 3 days ago and no answer

I deleted all the saves to get down to one slot and one session and the same issue keeps happening. I’ll try to find the crash log and share it.

I don’t think it will allow me to attach a crash log

You may zip the latest crash folder within AppData\Local\ZoneUE4\Saved\Crashes\ and upload it to a file sharing service such as dropbox or google drive, then share it in this post or privately via DM if you prefer.

Just sent you a DM with a link to the log.

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