Can't even get into the game to play it

I played this previously on my Xbox and loved it, wanted to go through it again on my PC using the Xbox Game Pass.

I boot the game up, it goes through the introduction videos and finally to the start screen where it says “press any button etc” I do this, it changes to “signing in” then the plants / foliage in the foreground slow down in movement and the game crashes out, no error messages or anything. I have started the game via the Xbox Game Pass app, the Xbox app, the Microsoft Store and the MRZ game exe. I have also tried to run as administrator but I cannot get in and I am losing the will to live!

I’ve seen other people have this issue but I have no idea of a work around or patch.

Can someone help me please?


Hello @mighty_joe2001, welcome to the community!

The team has been patching several issues that have been reported, including the crashes, but unfortunately there’s been a delay in the XBox / Windows 10 ( Game Pass ) version, which should still be coming out soon, apologies for the frustration.

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