PC xbox 'cannot connect to xbox live'

I keep getting this error when I try to start a game. Happens after the loading screen when it says press any button to continue. I am already logged in to xbox live. Other games work ok. I have tried ‘run as administrator’. Tried the solutions suggested by xbox when having difficulty signing in (but can sign in ok apart from this game). Not sure what to try next.

Hello @SkepticGuy, welcome to the forums!

Are you still having trouble signing in?

Did you purchase the game or do you have access to it through the Game Pass?

Still the same problem. I used gamepass to install it on the pc and the xbox. Xbox version seems to be ok. On PC (Win 10) it says press any button to continue; then opens a window with xbox symbol saying ‘please wait’. Then another window opens saying ‘connecting to xbox live’ and after a few seconds says ‘unable to connect to xbox live’ - options to try again or switch accounts. The odd thing is there are two cursors being moved by the mouse. One still in the game background, one in the foreground window with the ‘can’t connect’ message.

Thank you for sharing additional details, we’ve forwarded this information to the developers so that they can look into it.

I am having the same exact issue; except instead of telling me there is a signing in issue, the game just closes down and sends me back to the desktop.

I got the game through the ultimate gamepass subscription

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