Cannot start a game

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I’m trying to start a gane on PC xbox pass and it seems impossible, I’m signed in on my account, I got a good PC with graphic drivers updated and whatnot, I have uninstalled and installed the game but nothing seems to work, I just hit start game and it won’t let me, it will stay there on the select difficulty screen forever, music playing and all, then if I alt+shift to check on the browser I cannot go back to the game screen…I really want to play but for some reason I can’t. Anyone else with the same issue? is there a fix or something I’m missing?

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Hello @SouthernCompadre, thank you for reaching out!

The developers are aware of the issues with Game Pass and will be addressing these in the upcoming patch, in the meantime please try the suggestions provided by other users as a possible workaround:

The workaround that worked for me was, to go into the options screen, change a setting (I turned vibration off) and then save. After that I was able to start a game without problems. I did encounter a slow sync warning during the game. However, I pushed “Try Again” and then it worked.

Hello @UnwrappedRumble, welcome to the forums!

Thank you for sharing that the workaround was effective for your situation, the update is coming really soon and hopefully it will fully address any occurrences of this specific issue!

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