My insane work around to get the game to play on PC Game Pass (sort of)

Since the game seems to freeze when selecting a difficulty and starting a new game on PC I decided to download it on my kids Xbox One and started a game. After the first tutorial encounter I saved the game, quit and launched it on PC. Instead of launching it through the Game Pass app I right clicked it in the start menu and launched it as Administrator just for the heck of it. I selected “continue” after the game signed in and it loaded up.

Now the problem is that there is a crazy amount of stutter and lag despite my system being about as good as you can get for gaming. There’s so much lag it’s pretty much unplayable. But I actually got it to run so I guess that’s something. Anyway this is a total s**t port on the Game Pass and it looks like the devs don’t care. I guess since they’re not making an actual sale they don’t have much incentive.

Hello @JeffKaos, thank you for sharing your concerns and solution to this issue!

Please rest assured that the developers are aware of this problem and will be addressing several performance related issues in the upcoming update, including Game Pass specific ones for the PC version, which will be coming out soon.

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