Xbox Game Pass (Beta) for PC - Start Up Freeze

I can see there’s a few threads on this issue but haven’t seen a Dev response to any of them so I want to add my voice to the complaints. Just got Game Pass and I’ve been surprised by how well the Beta works generally but Mutant Year Zero freezes on the sign in screen. Very occasionally it gets to the menu and then freezes when I select “new game”. First time I got the pop up to “allow” the app access and have allowed it.

I have also run the app as Administrator, reinstalled it, and the error recurs. This feels to me like a problem that lies between the game and the Game Pass, rather than anything with hardware.

With the DLC coming out at the end of the month, is there a chance for a fix or patch to correct this issue? Just wondered if the team are in full crunch mode with the new content or if they are in discussions with people at Microsoft? Should I take this up with them too?

At release, it looks like a lot of critical bugs were immediately addressed. A bit disappointing that late adopters, such as myself, aren’t receiving the same treatment.

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